Letter to the People of Lebanon
Source Bill Lear
Date 06/07/21/14:03

IT ALL SEEMS so meaningless. While your children are being murdered,
buried and burned alive, shot to pieces, scarred, horrified, and more,
I sit here comfortable and safe in the United States, whose government
allows Israel to commit these atrocities in a baseless rampage because
a few members of its murderous army were captured, and I worry about
my golf game, what wine to drink with dinner, what presents to buy my
daughter for her second birthday, and other things which in the light
of your suffering now pale in insignificance.

I've seen the pictures of your slaughtered children
( and it makes me sick to think that
my tax money is paying your children's murderers to do their evil
business. It makes me sick that my government is defending the
Israeli murderers and cowards who attack defenseless civilians.

I am so sorry for your losses, and you have every right to be angry
and disgusted. How could we do this? How can we let this happen? We
are supposed to be a democracy in which our government listens to us,
but of course this is a lie. Our government cares no more for our
opinions than it does for the lives of your children.

I hang my head in shame and send you my deepest apologies.

I will do what I can to stop this.

I am sorry.

Bill Lear
Austin, Texas

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