Source Jim Devine
Date 06/07/19/08:56

Watch out, Iran

An axis of aggression links Tel Aviv and Washington, with London at
the midpoint. And it has Tehran in its sights.
George Galloway

July 19, 2006

IMAGINE THAT LEBANON DESTROYED every bridge in Israel, blew up the
international airport, seized the airspace and turned it into a
free-fire zone, blockaded the ports, severed every arterial road and
ordered people to leave their homes, then bombing them to pieces when
they did. Do you think any western leader would utter the words:
"Lebanon has a right to defend itself"?

This is the basic truth that every news bulletin seems designed to
obscure. It is the fundamental reality that is enraging hundreds of
millions of people across the globe as Israel launches its barbaric
action against the people of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

And it is not just Israel, of course. Barely commented on in the
British media is the fact that it was Britain and the US that
prevented the G8 summit from coming out with a call for a ceasefire.

Tony Blair and his ministers were again instrumental on Monday in
preventing the EU from issuing a condemnation of Israel's aggression.
No one should be in any doubt why: George Bush and Blair want Israel
to continue its assault on Lebanon, and they are intervening to quell
international condemnation of the attack.

The US state, with the craven support of Blair's government, is giving
Israel a green light - not because of some imagined stranglehold on
Middle East policy exercised by a supposedly omnipotent Zionist lobby,
but because Israel is doing what it has always done: it is serving the
interests of US imperial power in the Middle East.

Israel is cloaking its attack in neocon rhetoric about an axis of evil
linking Iran and Syria to Hizbullah in Lebanon. Its claims are
dutifully repeated by a media that never once stops to point out that
the Israeli missiles and bombs raining down on Lebanon were supplied
by the US.

There is a link with Syria and Iran, but it is not the lie that Syrian
and Iranian troops are in Lebanon: it is that the US has made no
secret that it is preparing for an attack on Iran, which has signed a
mutual defence pact with Syria.

Israel's attack on Lebanon serves as a pre-emptive strike on
Hizbullah, which would respond militantly to any US attack upon Iran.
There is an axis of aggression. It links Tel Aviv and Washington - and
Tony Blair has placed London at its midpoint.

It is at that midpoint that those of us who live in Britain must
strike a blow. By taking to the streets in mass numbers this weekend
and at the mobilisation in Manchester in September, we can speed the
day when Britain is detached from Bush's "war on terror".

Resistance is growing across the Middle East. It is our responsibility
to make a breakthrough here in the fight against imperialist

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