Hillary Clinton heckled at Brown University
Source Louis Proyect
Date 06/04/14/14:30

Hecklers interrupt Sen. Clinton at Brown University

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Anti-war protesters interrupted U.S. Sen. Hillary
Rodham Clinton's speech at Brown University on Saturday night by heckling
the New York Democrat for four solid minutes before police escorted them
out of the auditorium.

Clinton was about eight minutes into her 50-minute speech, "Women Leaders,"
when an unidentified man stood and shouted "Is it leadership to support the

He was quickly joined by two other hecklers as he stood on his seat and
continued to criticize Clinton for her vote to authorize the U.S. invasion
of Iraq and her subsequent votes to fund the war.

Despite the heckling, Clinton did not stop her speech, which was general in
tone. Her only direct reference to the Iraq war was to decry the
substandard equipment issued to American soldiers. She did not address
allegations that President Bush authorized the release of classified
national security information to the media.

Before the speech, about 70 protesters rallied outside the auditorium and
said they targeted Clinton because her votes on the war mirror the Bush
administration's policies despite her being considered the front-runner
among Democratic presidential hopefuls in 2008.

A group called Military Families Speak Out was among the protesters
outside. They carried picket signs and yelled "He lied, she complied, they
died. Bring the troops home now."

Clinton's speech in Meehan Auditorium was attended by about 3,000 people.

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