Korea heats up; our response
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Both me and Chris Bailey have been really pulled out over
the last few weeks -- apologies for not doing anything with
this list so far.

Eric's message below is clearly a global labournet issue --
perhaps we can get this list going with a discussion around

In terms of people to go on this list, I propose that we all
just post lists of people that we know are doing the work to
build a global labournet -- I don't see any reason at this
stage to limit participation in it -- it's not like we are
snowed under with postings from this list!

All the best


On Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:38:40 +0200, Eric Lee

>Dear friends in the labo(u)rnets,
>In the most recent Associated Press reports which I've seen on Korea, the
>following ominous phrase appears: "The confederation [KCTU], which claims
>a membership of 500,000 in auto, shipbuilding, steel and many other key
>industries, has taken part in many violent street protests."
>The KCTU is described in the article as being "radical", "militant" and
>"maverick" -- and contrasted with the "mainstream" Federation of Korean
>Trade Unions.
>I think there is a veiled threat here -- the implication being that the
>KCTU is a "violent" group with little public support. The AP article goes
>on to say:
>"With little public support for any radical labor protests in the midst of
>an economic crisis, it is unclear whether the militant unions would be able
>to organize efficient nationwide strikes."
>I for one do not believe that the former dissident (and president-elect)
>Kim Dae Jung will behave any better than former dissident (current
>president) Kim Young Sam when it comes to dealing with a political general
>In other words, I think the Korean political and business elite is already
>stirring up talk of "violence" in order to prepare the media in South Korea
>and around the world for suppression of any labour upsurge.
>Expecting this to happen, I think it's important that we begin talking
>among ourselves how we can be better prepared for coordinated international
>action, particularly on the net (but not exclusively on the net).
>We must face the reality that as far as the "global labournet" goes, we
>with our sites are still the main players in the game. The ICFTU hasn't
>even bothered to post its own statement on Korea to its web site; I posted
>it online for them on my site ( ).
>Unfortunately, it seems we won't have much competition online when it comes
>to building support for the Korean workers.
>I was wondering what you all thought we should be doing in preparation for
>what now appears to be inevitable. At the very least -- we should begin
>talking about it.
>Looking forward to reading your comments.
>Eric Lee
>Eric Lee, Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
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