What's in it for Blair?
Source Louis Proyect
Date 06/03/07/20:08

> So, my question is: what was in it for Blair? Why did he go with the
> Bush/neo-con Iraq invasion (even without reason, as the many memos
> reveal)? Why did he enthusiastically participate in what he knew was an
> illegal action?

It is difficult to state why the USA went to war for that matter. That is
why there are interminable debates among Marxists about the role of oil,
etc. Until you can actually get access to the internal files of the
bourgeois state, you can't really answer such questions. For that matter,
they might go to war based on motives that are not fully understood even by
them. There is an element of irrationality in capitalist states in decline,
as Nazi Germany would demonstrate.

My guess is that Blair banked on joint British and US control over Iraqi
oil against their rivals in Russia, France and Germany. Plus, his gung-ho
dedication to fighting "fascism" in Yugoslavia must have spilled over into
Iraq, as was the case with a large section of the liberal left.

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