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Source Jim Devine
Date 05/05/27/18:03

May 27, 2005
Aussie Surfer Corby Sentenced To 20 Years

Australians worldwide are angered by the 20-year prison sentence
handed down to Schapelle Corby by an Indonesian court yesterday. They
have reportedly threatened to boycott their nearest neighbour and turn
Bali "into a ghost town," according to the courier mail news.

Corby is charged with possesion of 4.1 kg of marijuana.

Throughout the trial, the beautician student has insisted she is
innocent. Corby claims her luggage was tampered with after she was
arrested last October with the bag of marijuana.

In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard reportedly expressed sympathy
for Corby and her family but called on Australians to respect the

"Whatever additional assistance that can appropriately be provided
will be. But at the end of the day we must, and the Government will,
respect the processes of the justice system of other countries,"
according to published reports.

Corby was reportedly allowed to hug her crying parents before being
led away by police to jail.

The case, which has galvanized public opinion in Australia, has been a
huge news story in the country.

The Indonesian embassy in Canberra has been bombarded with hate phone
calls, and federal police upgraded the security there and at
Indonesian missions nationally.

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