God's Rotweiler (from Jim Craven)
Source Louis Proyect
Date 05/04/20/01:57

Being the "fan" of the Catholic Church that I am, I just loved the
extravaganza surrounding the funeral for CIA asset JP II (following
previous CIA asset Paul VI) and the appointment of Ratzinger, the once
proudly open nazi, now a bit more krypto, as Pope.

I really appreciated the centerpiece homily delivered by the patron saint
of pedophile priests Bernard Law, who, speaking of the law, was whisked
away to a Vatican post (with diplomatic immunity) to avoid more scrutiny by
and accountability to the law in Massachusetts for all the "musical
parishes" he used to play by shuffling around known pedophile priests who
went on to commit new crimes.

Then there is Ratzinger, aka "God's Rotweiler", aka "The Grand Inquisitor",
aka the Patriarch of the dangerous and very powerful/connected
whips-n-chains cult Opus Dei, aka "The Dean" and "The Enforcer." Tonight,
on CBS, the whores of the media were right on the job. They claim Ratzinger
was "coerced" into joining the Hitler Youth at 14 (yet the pictures of him
show him goose-stepping with a pronounced shit-eating grin.) They also
touted as a "positive" that Ratzinger was a "deserter" from the Wermacht
(he was a shell passer for an anti-craft battery).

Well this will only widen and deepen the contradictions in an already
rotting/rotten institution. As in the past, when many of the
salt-of-the-earth and faith-driven rank and file of the Church are jailed,
disappeared and martyred by fascist forces supported by the hierarchy of
the Church, as still happens today in many places, more and more will leave
in disgust and take others with them--as is happening all over the world.
This creature is but a front--as was JPII--for some very ugly and
determined forces operating in the "secular world" as well as in their
nominal "theological world". This guy says that if you even VOTE for a
politician who is pro choice, you should be denied sacraments (which means
denied salvation in Catholic terms) or even be excommunicated. If you are a
rich celebrity like Frank Sinatra you can get an annullment (even four of
them) but Divorce--never. As for women priests--never. EtcEtc

This was one big "Fuck You" by those Cardinals to all those of "the flock"
with IQs over 60 and something resembling a soul. The first thousand years,
it was the patrician families that picked their pope. At one point, in the
14th century, there were three separate popes and separate colleges of
cardinals. And notice the processional at CIA asset JPII's funeral?
Thousands of men parading and not one woman in the parade--not one.

I must say that the picture of tens of thousands of glassy-eyed "flock"
showing forms of mass hysteria as well as non-biblical public displays of
narcissistic "zeal and devotion" (many looking like robotic Moonies selling
roses at the ariport) was not very heartening. How many of them would put
out as much to stop the sinister proto-fascist cults and reactionary forces
that Ratzinger represents?

--Jim C

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