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Information Resources on Labor Accessible via LaborNet

by jagdish & labor-l List-Manager

These resources can be broadly categoried as follow:

1. Key LaborNet Conferences
2. Few Other conferences concerned with labor issues
3. Organization-Sponsored Conferences
4. InterNet/BitNet Mailing Lists
5. UseNet Conferences

Following provides brief descriptions of conferences available under each

1. Key LaborNet Conferences: (first line is conference name)

Description: A general confernce for all labor related ANNOUNCEMENTS which
are not date specific or/and did not make it to the calendar, or are not
locally (Northern Calif.) produced are welcome here.
Sponsor: LaborNet Interim Steering Committee
keys: unions, events, trips, programs, workers
Description: Public conference for new and discussion of labor issues in
Sponsor: LaborNet
keys: trade, union, labour, japan, china, hong, kong, indonesia, india,
philippines, korea, sri lanka
Description: This conference if for discussion and information about auto
workers and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.
keys: labor, UAW, unions, auto workers

Description: Contains listing of events pertaining to labor -
predominantly in the San Francisco bay area, but may expand to include
other areas around the U.S. if not globally.

Description: The conference contains postings about trade unions/workers
movements, economics and other related issues in Russia/CIS.
Sponsor: Association for Progressive Communications
keys: labor, labour, economy, social, life, justice, employment, jobs

Description: Discussion and information concerning labor union education
Sponsor: Worklife Education Resource Center
keys: labor, union, education

Description: This public conference is established and maintained by the
National Employment lawyers Association (NELA). Its purpose is to
disseminate information about and to discuss the legal rights of
employees in the workplace.
Sponsor: National Employment Lawyers Association
keys: legal, employee, rights, labor, labour

Description: Discussion and information concerning labor and environmental
Sponsor: LaborNet
keys: labour, union, ecology
Description: Discussion of labor networking
Description: For online organizing, sharing info/resources/strategy, etc,
for graduate students (who like farm workers are not covered by the
labor laws) trying to organize/unionize.
keys: unionize, university

Description: Discussion and information concerning health and safety at
Sponsor: Labornet Organizing Project
Contacts: /
keys: union, worker, justice, resources, ecology

Description: Published or non-published articles from labor press or
articles relevant to labor.

Description: To discuss strategies for union organizing/affiliation and
support thereof. Wide-ranging - can include current organizing campaigns
or ones about to incubate. National/International listings.
Sponsor: LaborNet Steering Committee
Contacts:, mstein
keys: labour, worker, strategy, affiliate, health, safety, media
Description: Discussion and information concerning the formation of labor
parties in the U.S.
keys: labor, labour, union, party

Description: This conference is to provide information and communication
on the effects of privatization in the US and internationally
keys: labor, labour, unions, nafta, privatization

Description: Discussion of labor union organizing issues relating to
workers in the railroad industries.
Sponsor: LaborNet
keys: labour, transportation, IBEW

Description: For posting resources for use by labor interested users.
i.e., Labor Notes will download its resource column, video resources
will be posted, speaker lists will be psoted.
Sponsor: Labornet Organizing Project
keys: union, worker, justice

Description: The purpose of this conference is for information on teachers
in the NEA and AFT as well as educators internationally.
keys: education, labor, labour, unions, teachers, AFT, NEA

Description: This conference is to facilitate communication links,
solidarity and information for teamsters and members of TDU (Teamsters
Democratic Union) within the US and transport workers internationally.
keys: labor, labour, teamsters, unions
Description: Planning for annual Labor Tech conferences.
keys: labour
Description: [De purpose of this conference is for listings of all labor
videos and films
keys: labor/labour/film/video/union

2. Few Other conferences concerned with labor issues:

Description: El objetivo primario de esta conferencia es alentar a
posibles usuarios hispanoparlantes a compartir informacion sobre temas
Contacts: /
keys: labor

Description: News/information/discussion concerned with women and labor
Sponsor: Association for Progressive Communications
keys: women, labour, labor, work, union

Description: For NGOs, trade unions and popular movements working to halt
IMF and World Bank structural adjustment programs (SAPs) and make room
for grassroots alternatives. Para los que trabajan para detener los
programas de ajuste estructural (PAEs).
Sponsor: The Development Group for Alternative Policies, Inc.
Contacts: dgap
keys: FMI, Finance, Reform, South, Debt, Labor, Agriculture, Third World,
Development, Economics, Finanzas, Reforma, Sur, Ayuda, Deuda, Desarrollo

Description: News and information about Mexico.
Sponsor: Central America Resource Network (CARNet)
Contacts: carnet
keys: central, america, mexico, news, labor

Description: Economic and social repercussions of the freetrade deal
between Canada and the US.
Sponsor: Web - Canada
Contacts: web:spider
keys: labor

3. Organization-Sponsored Conferences:
Description: Articles and letters from Green Left Weekly, covering
environment, politics, labor movement socialism, women, gay/lesbian,
international news and progressive movements and causes generally.
Contacts: greenleft
keys: Third World, reviews, media
Description: Contains "Report on the America's", the publication of the
North American Congress on Latin America. This bi-monthly magazine
features rigorous research and comprehensive analysis of the entire
Sponsor: The North American Congress on Latin America
Contacts: nacla
keys: Latin America, Central America, economics, development, democracy,
politics, trade, immigration, labor, rights
Description: This conference is for discussion by readers of the Nation
magazine about Nation articles and other topics.
Sponsor: The Nation
Contacts: nation
keys: Nation, discussion, talk, labor, feminism, politics, alternative,
media, arts, environment
Description: Monthly email dispatch of New Liberation News Service, the
independent, youth-oriented, progressive news wire serving over 200
community media outlets in 40 states, 4 Canadian provinces and a variety
of international locales.
Sponsor: New Liberation News Service
Contacts: igc:nlns
keys: news, youth, undergound, community, environment, racism, peace,
democracy, media, labor, student, native, health, housing, education,

Description: Describes the National Writers Union, its history, program
and organizing goals; recruits new members, debates/discusses writers
and labor issues, exchange information, and alert writers about NWU
activities and upcoming events.
Sponsor: National Writers Union
Contacts: bcleveland
keys: journalism, journalist, freelance, censorship, novelist, author,
wages, nonfiction, poetry, media, grievance, writing, editing,
Description: A news conference of the Peoples News Agency (PNA) with the
support of Proutist Universal. This conference is for news, analysis,
commentary, good news coming primarily from PNA member periodicals from
around the world.
Sponsor: Proutist Universal
Contacts: proutwdc
keys: news, ecology, earth, family, economy, development, education,
women, youth, PROUT, culture, reviews, democracy, environment, health,

Description: Material from the Worker's Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores)
of Brazil. Dialogues between them and others.
Sponsor: Partido dos Tradalhadores
keys: labor, labour

Description: Library of RACHEL's Hazardous Waste Newsletter, published by
the Environmental Research Foundation.
Sponsor: Environmental Research Foundation
Contacts: erf
keys: toxic, hazard, labor, incinerator, landfill, hazardous
Description: Annotated lists of third world related organizations, books,
periodicals, pamphlets and audio-visuals. Sponsored by Third World
Sponsor: Third World Resources
Contacts: tfenton, jdubine
keys: thirdworld, asia, pacific, latinamerica, caribbean, middle east,
africa, hunger, humanrights, women, peace, nuclear, corporations, labor,

4. InterNet/BitNet Mailing Lists:

Description: Echo of Internet mailing list (LABOR-L) for people
interested in labor union issues.
Sponsor: LaborNet
Contacts: /
keys: labour
Description: Internet Mailing List to discuss labor union solidarity
keys: labor, union, solidarity, labour, labr

5. UseNet Conferences:
Description: Discussions about contract labor.

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