Russia and China announce strategic partnership
Source News for Social Justice Action
Date 05/02/09/22:30

Russia and China announce strategic partnership in a bid to counter
expanding Western military and fiscal influences
Babu Ghanta, Special Correspondent, Indiadaily
February 03, 2005

Tang Jiaxuan, a member of China's State Council, said Russia and China have
similar positions on regional and global issues. Tang said Moscow is
Beijing's key ally in its effort to maintain a strategic partnership.

Sources say, Russia and China have formally joined hands to stop expanding
American and European military as well as economic global influences.

The strategic partnership can be very significant in providing a combined
counter effect to the only Super Power of the world - America.

The partnership between China and Russia actually started last year just
after the start of the Iraq war. The two countries came close to each other
in terms of supporting each other. Russia now provides significant amount
of China's energy needs. China now provides financial guarantee and loan to
Russia without announcing the same explicitly.

Russian and Chinese military are having secret joint sessions to create the
strategy of self defense in case of any invasion from other countries.

In the front of fight against terrorism, Russia and China has also formed
an alliance. China and Russia both are concerned about Islamic militants in
Chechnya as well Chinese Muslim areas in South West China.

China's creation of a mechanism to consult with Russia on security issues
marks the first time China has ever entered into such a venture, a senior
Chinese official visiting the Kremlin said.

China secretly loaned Russia US Dollar 6.0 Billion to nationalize the Yukos
oil company.

International think tanks suggest that soon Russia-China strategic
partnership will form a NATO type military and G7 type economic alliance.
India and Brazil will be invited to join the alliance.

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