Stupid Elections
Source Shane Mage
Date 04/11/04/17:23

How can so many people manage to fume about Ubu's "majority"
of "votes" without ever mentioning the word DIEBOLD?  This
really, really stupid election was even phonier than the 2000
farce.  To the loss and regret of all of us, Those Who Decide
chose not to dump UbuPOTUS. Why?  Are the deciding members
of the US capitalist class so weakminded that they caved in
to their most stupid and piratical faction?  Is their economic
situation so fuckedup that even the trivial "progressivist"
concessions to be expected from a Dumbocrat president
have become unaffordable?  Are they so committed to
unending military adventures that a draft and the fascistic
repression necessary to enforce it cannot be entrusted to
a "Liberal" administration?  Has it been decided that real
elections (ie. bougeois democracy) "have lived" (Cicero)
and that henceforth only dieboldized virtual plebiscites
are to be permitted?  History will give the bad word.

As to the pathetic campaign put on by the Party of Craven
Capitulation (I mean the Dumbocrats--the Republicons are
the Party of Malignant Stupidity), the only question is
whether Kerry intended from the beginning to throw it
to his fratbrother or whether someone persuaded him
that the fix was in *his* favor?   But really, how could
anyone have imagined that this Designated Loser was
really contesting an election when, in the first debate,
he was asked why people should believe he would do as
well as Ubu in a 9/11 situation--and instead of delivering
a knockout punch by starting with "Well, you know, I
couldn't possibly have done worse, and neither could any
of you watching this debate right now"  and going on to
two minutes detailing UbuPOTUS's criminal nonfeasance,
he went straight into a rhetorical clinch about how strong
a leader against "Terrorism" he, Swiftboatveteran JFKerry
was, is, and would always be.  In comparison,
the Max Baer/Primo Carnera bout looks like a model of
honest, vigorous competition.

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