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Labor Resources on the Internet

From: Sam Lanfranco

From: (richard rose)

I am a student at the American University and I'm currently
developing a guide to internet resources pertaining to labor. The
list is intended for labor reporters but, hopefully, others will find
it useful.
I would like to know if anyone out there can suggest sources that
should be added. I've included the current version of the list.
Please keep in mind that it is a work in progress. Some sources that
I'm aware of have not yet been added. (Embarrassingly enough, this
listserv has still not been added.) Feel free to further distribute
the list as long as you mention that it isn't finished.
Any and all comments are welcome. I apologize for the formatting,
the list is being compiled in WordPerfect on a Next. In fact, I would
appreciate any ideas on a format for the final document distribution.
I hope people will find this useful.

Rich Rose.
Internet Resources for Labor Reporting

General Resources


This is a great place to keep up with new information sources and
problem solving techniques. Also useful for checking in with what the
business librarians are doing, where they're having problems and how
they're solving them.

Gophers and demography
This is a good spot to find e-mail addresses for well-known
economists, but many subdirectories are empty.


GAO Daybook (telnet
(Login: guest / Password:visitor) PATH: main menu/government
center/federal government/legislative branch information/General
Accounting Office

This is an excellent spot to see what Congress is considering
in a wide variety of subdirectories that will follow. Over a given
week the GAO daybook included reports on childcare providers, the
federal Employee compensation act, EEOC expanding its workload in
age discrimination cases and a look at disability benefits for

Budget of the United States (wiretap.spies.comm/U.S. Government
Today/ Budget of the United States 1994.)
This is a good source for seeing what the Clinton
administration is proposing Congress enact by way of new
legislative programs and funding of new and old programs. Start with
the table of contents to the budget to see where the laborprograms
Note: This is huge so be sure you have the space and the time
for the download and be patient; it will take a while.

Job Safety

Fed World (telnet

One of the best features of this bulletin board is its
gateway into bulletin boards for specific agencies. The Labor
Department Gateway is especially good and easy to search. For job
safety check out the Occupational Health and brown lung disease,
asbestos and work place health violations areas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (ftp
The best files here can be found in (pub/news.release). News
releases beginning OSH give annual figures for occupational injuries
and illnesses. Also check under Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries

The Federal Register
Each branch of the Labor Department including OSHA and NIOSH
has its own set of regulations. Proposed changes to these regulations
are regularly posted in the Federal Register. To ensure you are
working with the latest information, you should always check the List
of Sections Affected pamphlet, and the Federal Register. The Code of
Federal Regulations and the Federal Register are also on Lexis and
Westlaw. This is sometimes a good strategy to use if you are unsure
if something exists in the CFR, because of the poor quality of any
available index for the CFR.


Unemployment Statistics
The subdirectory news & services, offers a good way to locate
wire service articles on this subject. For example, we found an AP
article on a New York State University study which helped analyze
Labor Department statistics. The study said that 22 states had little
job loss during the recession despite severe job losses in New York,
New England and California.

Fed World (tel
Check out the DOL Bulletin Board where the Bureau of Labor
statistics files its press releases.

Economic Bulletin Board (

Check the labor force, employment and earnings for labor
statistics in the labor.bea. file. The figures here are useful
because employment and earnings statistics are broken down by race,
age and industrial sector.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (
In the pub/news.release subdirectory you find annual mass
layoffs (anml); also State Employment & Metropolitan Area
Unemployment releases under LAUS2 and annual State and Regional
Unemployment under SRGUNE.

Unemployment by Industrial Sector
Gopher /labor and demography/industrial
outlook (check address)
This is a commerce department document which details dozens
of business sectors and explains the changes in 1994 going on in that

Unemployment and Downsizing
Dartcms1.Dartmouth.Edu check address
In this file you will find subdirectories on government
downsizing by agency in addition to legislation calling for the



Bureau of Labor Statistics (
Look for annual Union Membership (UNIONS2) in the news.release


Need Addresses
The following issues: annual earnings of workers and their
families(WKYENG); Real Earnings (REALER); Employee Benefit Survey


Profiles of Worker Education Levels
Bureau of Labor Statistics (
In the news release subdirectory you can find releases and studies
of High School Graduates Enrolled in Colleges (HSGEC).

Retraining Workers
We need to retrieve a copy of Clinton's federal budget and use word
strings to retrieve Clinton's job training proposals.

Political Activities

(Need Address) The Federal Election Commission has an on line
service to show labor union Political Action Committee contributions.
This service is great for finding out which labor PAC's are richest,
which candidates they support, and which incumbents, if any, are they
committed to defeating.


Disabled Veterans Info ( check address
DISAVET.TXT, called Disabled Veterans Information, HCPD>TXT,
a sample letter for disabled persons, and 9CFR1630.TXT, the complete
law for Americans with Disabilities, and DISAVET.TXT, disabled
veterans information.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (
In the news release subdirectory you can find releases
covering annual Health Care Expenditures (HCE).

Americans with Disabilities Act

(wiretap. Docs/Americans with Disabilities Act)
This is a good place to go for a copy of the legislation dealing with
this issue.

Part Time Workers

Bureau of Labor Statistics (
In the new.release subdirectory filed under YOUTH we found a
study analyzing Summer Youth Labor Force

Labor Law

Bureau of Labor Statistics (
in the news release subdirectory you can find releases and studies on
Major Collective Bargaining Settlements under BARG.

Gopher and
This is a way to check on major collective bargaining settlements,
along with average wage and compensation tables.

Washlaw (telnet 23) Campus and Other Information
Systems (National and Locao)/LAWNET/Pathfinders/FederalLabor and Law.

Thanks to Ken Kozlowski's pathfinder at WASHLAW for some
excellent ideas about how to cover labor law.-- To read Kozlowski's
explanation's, telnet 23 and log on as WASHLAW/ Campus
and Other Information Systems/ National and
Local/LAWNET/Pathfinders/Federal Labor and Law. Also, many of the
ideas that follow, especially searching Nexis/Lexis,and the
Cleveland Law library are his.

Washlaw ( 23)

and log in as WASHLAW to access the Cleveland Law where you
can find BNA Labor Relations Reporter KF 3302 .L34
and CCH Labor Law Reporter KF 3315 .L3. (I have to test this idea)
CCH directs you to its Labor Cases or NLRB Decisions while BNA steers
you to Labor Relations Reference Manual, Fair Employment Practice
Cases, Individual Employment Rights Cases or Wage and Hour Cases.
Government Printing Office

We need to come back and get the address to use this sources
to find pertinent sections of the U.S. Code and Code of Federal
Regulations, administrative and judicial decisions concerning labor
Fed World
Use the gateway menu to access the District Court of Appeals
bulletin board to look for current labor cases.

Before using the computer to search for specific court cases,
use Nexis. The laws are on-line through Lexis and Westlaw and for
quicker results, it allows you to know exactly what you are looking
for before getting involved with searching statutes on the computer.
According to Ken Kozlowski's pathfinder the following
agencies' decisions are on both Lexis and Westlaw. Check a database
contents guide for coverage dates:

Employee Compensation Appeals Board
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Federal Services Impasses Panel
Merit Systems Protection Board
NLRB General Counsel Memoranda

NLRB General Counsel Memoranda
Black Lung Decisions
National Mediation Board
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Merit Systems Protection Board
Federal Services Impasses Panel

Work and Family

Gopher (Educational Resources/Women's
Studies/Gender Issues/Womenin the Workforce/ Work and Family Needs)
This directory contains a report, issued in November of 1991,
that reviews selected employee benefits which can help civilian
Federal workers balance their work responsibilities and personal
needs. It covers such areas as child care, elder care, alternative
schedules and flexiplace among others. Good one time research, but
it's not very current. Same site has wealth of papers on "women's
issues" such as the Glass Ceiling, Sexual Harassment, Sex
Discrimination. Many lists of other text resources.

PENpages: (Telnet / username:Penpages)
At this telnet site you can find the full text of thousands
of documents about aging, child-care, equality, and lots of
elder care issues. Keyword searches are easy to conduct.. An
excellent keyword is MAPP - Gets all the juicy employment, elder-care
and multi cultural papers. Careful, though, it will bring up
thousands of articles.The articles are somewhat PA and farm centric.
Much of the current information seems to come from a government
document: the "Multicultural Resource Guide."

This Listserv focuses on flexible work situations such as job
sharing, tellecommuting and other human resources
Subscribe: (Bitnet) LISTSERV@PSUHMC

Another good Human Resources Listserv
Subscribe: (Bitnet) LISTSERV@MIZZOU1.Bitnet

Still more HR info
Subscribe LISTSERV@UALTAVM.bitnet

Foreign Competition

We located an article about an independent union representing
employees of Armco Steel Co's Middletown plant which formed a
partnership with the United Steelworkers. Armco Steel, according to
the article, is jointly owned by Armco Inc. of Pittsburgh and Japan's
Kawasaki Steel Corp. This is a good eg. of cooperation.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (
In the news.release subdirectory you can find releases and
This is a great place to check for the latest government actions,
studies and statistics on specific areas. See articles with the FOMEE
heading for an excellent report on Foreign-owned Manufacturing
Establishments in the USA.

Technology in the Workplace

Online Career Center (

This is a good site to show how companies are using computers to try
to hire people. Forty U.S. corporations have formed a non-profit
employer association to recruit individuals.

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