USAID Iraq propaganda
Source Julie Morrison-Layn
Date 04/05/24/01:28

This is the list of things that has happened in Iraq recently: (Please share
it with your friends and compare it to the version that your paper is

* Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

* School attendance is up 80% from levels before the war.

* Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons stored there
so education can occur.

* The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain can be off-loaded from ships

* The country had its first 2 billion barrel export of oil in August.

* Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever
in Iraq.

* The country now receives 2 times the electrical power it did before the

* 100% of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35% before
the war.

* Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in

* Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

* Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.

* Over 100,000 Iraqi civil defense police are securing the country.

* Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side by side with US

* Over 400,000 people have telephones for the first time ever.

* Students are taught field sanitation and hand washing techniques to
prevent the spread of germs.

* An interim constitution has been signed.

* Girls are allowed to attend school.

* Textbooks that don't mention Saddam are in the schools for the first time
in 30 years.

Don't believe for one second that these people do not want us there.

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