Response:Bush and the F 102
Source Jim Craven
Date 04/02/10/02:03

Bush and the Texas Guard flew the F 102.  An aviation buddy points out
that the F 102 had no conceivable mission in Vietnam.  So even if he
showed up, his unit wasn't going to go.

Gene Coyle

Response (Jim C) Absolutely true. At the time Bush got into the Texas
Air Guard (with a national waiting list of over 150,000, got in the same
day he applied--with 12 days left until his deferment was up, and with a
waiting list of 160 in Texas for 2 pilot slots max, and with a score of
25% on the airman exam--lowest possible passing)
The F-102 was being phased out. Then he gets a direct commission to 2nd
Lt. bypassing a requirement for 23 weeks OCS, then he goes to flight
school and finishes 100 hours or so short of the hours requirement, then
he is transferred to the Alabama Air Guard with no aircraft (to work on
the Senate campaign of his daddy's buddy Winston Blount) then he is
missing for 13 months (records since lifted from the Guard records in
1994 by two shadowy characters who paid a visit), then in April 1972 the
medical exams are changed to include random drug testing, and he is due
for an exam in May of 1972 but in September 1972, he and his buddy James
R. Bath (then a principal representative of the Bin Laden family in
Houston) refuse to take a medical exam and are taken off flight
status--with a pilot shortage existing at the time. Then he gets out 8
months early to go to Harvard Business school after first being denied
entrance to Univ of Texas Law School for bad grades. Bush "served" a
total of 51 months out of a 72 month Guard obligation.

Jim C.

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