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1) From an Internet prompt, type

2) Login as anonymous.

3) Then follow the path with change directory,
cd pub/igc_apc_info/labornet

4) Use the get command to retrieve a file,
such as READ.ME:

READ.ME internetinfo.txt mailist.txt
internetmisc.txt labornetconf.txt

You have reached the FTP archive of
IGC LaborNet:

internetinfo.txt - E-mail addresses around
the world

mailist.txt - internetinfo addresses

internetmisc.txt - List of Internet
labor resources

labornetconf.txt - The IGC LaborNet
list of Conferences

Labour Groups On-Line (LONG)

Labour On-Line

A listing-in-progress of Electronic Mail addresses of Labour Research
organizations, compiled by region and based on the list provided by Mike
Jensen ( to the international LabourTel conference,
Manchester, April 1992. Many of the organizations listed have scores of
personal eMailboxes. Only one eMail address per organization (or Branch
thereof) is listed, but that address might well on-forward eMail or
hardcopy to a group of eMailbox users.

The eMail addresses are given in the form used by Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) hosts such as Pegasus, and by
Bitnet/Internet hosts such as the Australian Academic Research Network
(AARnet). GeoNet users should email To: geo2:gn with
Subject: APC address - e.g.,
Networks which use x.400 addressing, such as KeyLink, are welcome to

Please eMail deletions, corrections, additions, protests or responses to
(Auto-reply is unlikely to work across networks or with on-forwarded

Australian organizations with an interest in Labour Research are invited
to join this eMail list for exchange of news, information and research and
to participate in discussion and debate, initially within the aus.politics
NewsGroup (or "Conference" as APC would have it), as a prelude to the
establishment of a LabourNet (or sub-Net) in Australia. Comparable
networks would seem to exist in Canada, South Africa and Brazil.


Centre for Labour Studies
Pat Wright University of Adelaide A/asia

Aust Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Teaching
Michelle Spartalis University of Sydney A/asia

Aust Christian Worker Movement
Michael Campbell Adelaide A/asia

Australia-Asia Worker Links
Melbourne A/asia

Department of Employment Education & Training
Kevin Keefe Canberra A/asia

Department of Industrial Relations
Penny Fayle University of West Australia A/asia

Department of Political Science, Aust Nat Uni
Rick Kuhn Canberra A/Asia

Evatt Foundation
Peter Botsman Sydney A/asia

Institute for Science and Technology Policy
Peter Newman Murdoch University A/asia

International Union of Foodworkers - Asia Office
Sydney A/asia

Liquor Trades Union - SA Branch
Michael Keenan Adelaide A/asia

Local Employment Development Inc
Julian Webb Downer A/asia

National Key Centre for Industrial Relations
Julian Teicher Monash University A/asia

New Left Party
Brian Carey Canberra A/asia

New South Wales Teachers Federation
Don Atkinson Sydney A/asia

New Zealand Seamen's Union
Wellington A/asia

Public Sector Research Centre
Michael Johnson University of New South Wales A/asia

SA Dept of Labour
Mick Gallant Adelaide A/asia

Trades and Labor Council of West Australia
Rob Meecham Perth A/asia

Trade Union Training Authority, SA Centre
Anne Cunningham Adelaide A/Asia

Transport Workers Union - SA/NT Branch
Stephanie Key Adelaide A/asia

UACA Northern Territory Branch
Janie Mason Darwin A/Asia

UACA Queensland Branch
Howard Guille Brisbane A/Asia

UACA SA Branch
Paul Acfield Adelaide A/Asia

Unemployed Workers Union
Launceston A/asia

Union of Australian College Academics
Cath McConville Melbourne A/asia

Union Research Centre on Office Technology
Karen Davies Melbourne A/Asia

United Mineworkers Federation of Australia
Michael Wright Sydney A/asia

United Trades & Labor Council of SA
Andrew Murray Adelaide A/Asia

Waterside Workers Federation
Sydney A/asia

Women in Trade Unions
Kathi Muir Adelaide A/asia


American Labor Education Centre
Matt Witt Washington America

Center for Labor Research and Education
Mary Ruth Gross Berkeley USA America

Communications Workers of America
George Kohl Washington America

Communications Workers of America
Rick Braswell Washington USA America

Food and Allied Service Trades
Keith Mestrich Washington America

Harvard Trade Union Program
Elaine Bernard Cambridge USA America

Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons
Mike Konopacki Madison, USA America

International Labor Rights Fund
Pharis Harvey Washington USA America

Labor Center
Dan Leahy Olympia, USA America

Labor Committee on Central America
Jeff Niesnanski Rochester, USA America

Labor Community Strategy Center
Eric Mann Van Nuys, USA America

Labor Notes
Jim West Detroit USA America

Labor Resource Center
Rand Wilson Medford USA America

Labor Video Project
Steve Zeltzer San Francisco America

Labor-Farm Party
Daniel Grossberg Madison USA America

Hal Muskat San Francisco USA America

Steve Zeltzer San Francisco USA America

Massachusetts Labor Committee on Central America
Tess Ewing Cambridge USA America

Midwest Center for Labor Research
Jaqui Johnson Chicago USA America

National Association of Social Workers
Eileen McGowan Kelly Washington USA America

National Organization of Legal Service Workers, Autoworkers
John Ratliff Miami, USA America

National Writers Union
Bradley Cleveland Oakland America

Newspaper Guild - American Federation of Teachers
Lou Siegel Los Angeles USA America

Office & Professional Employees Int. Union
Betty Baugh Austin America

Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Union OCAW
Doug Ohmans Denver USA America

Philippine Workers Support Committee
Kay Eisenhower Oakland USA America

Public Health Workers for Peace
Neil Maizlish Berkeley USA America

Rail Union Technical Assistance
Joel Myron Jersey City, USA America

Salvadorian Labor Defense Network
Scott Harding Oakland USA America

Seattle Worker Centre
James W Cummings Seattle USA America

Service Employees International Union SEIU
Paul Wessel New Haven USA America

Service Employees International Union - Black Service Employees Union
William Pritchett Washington USA America

Service Employees International Union SEIU
Michael M Adams Oakland USA America

Service Employees International Union SEIU
Kofi Owusu Washington, USA America

Teamsters for a Democratic Union
Detroit USA America

United Electrical Workers
Bob Kingsley Alexandria USA America

United Farm Workers
Juan Zamarripa Keene USA America

US-Guatemala Labor Education Project
Stephen R Coats Chicago USA America


Amado V Hernandez Resource Centre (AVHRC)
James Jazmines Quezon City Philippines Asia

Asia Monitor Resource Centre
Derek Hall Hong Kong Asia

Asian Centre for the Progress of Peoples
Francis Tan Kowloon HK Asia

Democratic Trade Union Movement of Korea (KRIC)
Jung-Sun Phee Seoul Asia

HK Trade Union Education Centre
Trini Leung Hong Kong Asia

Hongkong Trade Union Education Centre
Rita Kwok Kowloon, Hongkong Asia

International Chemical & Energy Workers' Federation
Tokyo Asia

Korea Research and Information Centre
Jung-Sun Phee Seoul, Korea Asia

Korean Labour News
Seoul Asia

Malaysian Chemical Workers' Union
Malaysia Asia

Merchant Navy Officers' Guild
Hong Kong Asia

Singapore Shell Employees Union
Singapore Asia


Appropriate Health Resource and Technology Group
London Britain

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Tim Evans London Britain

Centre for Employment Research
Manchester Polytechnic Britain

Centre for Research on Employment and Work
Preston UK Britain

General Municipal & Boilermakers Union
Wimbledon Britain

Philip Inglesant London Britain

International Labour Reports
Celia Mather Barnsley, UK Britain

International Transport Workers Federation
Richard Flint London Britain

International Transport Workers Federation - Seafarers Dept
London Britain

Labour Research Department
London Britain

Labour Studies Centre, Uni of Manchester
Linda Shaw Manchester, UK Britain

London Hazards Centre
Tim Evans London Britain

Lothian Trade Union & Community Research Centre
Jim Swan Edinburgh Britain

Manchester City Council
Dave Spooner Manchester Britain

Musicians Union
Robert Llewellyn Owen London Britain

National Association of Local Government Officers
David Whitfield London Britain

National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers
Glasgow Britain

National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers
Birmingham Britain

National Union of Journalists
Ian Grant London Britain

National Union of Journalists
Robbie Dinwoodie Edinburgh Scotland Britain

National Union of Journalists
Mike Holderness London Britain

People Against Rio Tinto Zinc
London Britain

Ruskin College
Andrew Burchardt Oxford Britain

Scottish Trade Union Congress
Glasgow Britain

Sheffield Trade Union Studies Centre
Seb Schmoller Sheffield, UK Britain

Society of Graphical & Allied Trades SoGAT
Hadleigh UK Britain

Tameside Trade Union Education Unit
Elaine Hopkins Ashton UK Britain

TGWU Vauxhall Shop Stewards Committee
Ken Murphy Merseyside UK Britain

Trade Union Education Unit - Blackburn
Blackburn UK Britain

Trade Union Education Unit - Central Manchester College
Manchester UK Britain

Transnational Information Centre
London Britain

Transport & General Workers' Union - Region 6
Dave Carter Manchester UK Britain

War on Want
Sue Barber London Britain

Women Working Worldwide
Linda Shaw Manchester UK Britain

Women's Action
Norman Lockhart Glasgow Britain

Work Health & Safety
Hilda Palmer Manchester Britain

Workers Educational Association (North-West District)
John Atkins Manchester UK Britain

Workers Educational Association UK HQ
London Britain


Africa Information Afrique
Stephanie Wells Ottawa Canada

British Columbia Teachers Federation
Larry Kuehn Vancouver Canada

Canadian Teachers Federation
Robert Barker Ottawa Canada

Carpenters' Union Environment Committee
Brian Milani Toronto Canada

Environment Canada - Corporate Policy Group
Charles Stratford Hull, Quebec Canada

Internat Commission for Coordn of Solidarity Among Sugar Workers
Reg McQuaid Toronto Canada

Marine Conservation Forum
Ed Gertler Ottawa Canada

Metro Toronto and York Region Labor Council
Gilles Arsenault Toronto Canada

Socialist Challenge/Workers Solidarity
Robert MacDiarmid Toronto Canada

Steelworkers Humanity Fund
Mike Terry Ontario Canada

University of Waterloo Public Interest Research Group
Daryl Novak Ontario Canada


Academy of Labour and Social Relations
Alexander Nicolayev Moscow Europe

Arbetarroerelsens Bildningsfoerbund
Urpo Kaila Helsingfors Suomi/Finland Europe

Arbetarroerelsens Internationella Centrum
Birgitta Silen Stockholm Europe

Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK
Maija Karimaa Helsinki, Finland Europe

Jesper Joergensen Copenhagen Europe

Confed. Francais Democ. des Travaill.
Paris Europe

Danish White-collar Union
Aarhus, Denmark Europe

European Trade Union Institute
Giuseppe Fajertag Brussels Europe

Fed Werknemersorgs in de Zeevert
Rotterdam Europe

Federation International des Empl. Tech. et Cadres
Geneva Europe

Federation of the Chemical Workers' Unions of Hungary
Karoly Fulop BudaPest Hungary Europe

Federatione Impegiati Operai Metalmeccanici FIOM-CGIL
Carla Coletti Rome Europe

Foundation for Research on MultiNational Corporations
Amsterdam Netherlands Europe

German Federation of Labour
David Berlin Europe

IG Chemie-Papier-Keramik
Germany Europe

Industriebond FNV
Amsterdam Europe

Institute of Social Studies
Peter Waterman The Hague, The Netherlands Europe

International Chemical & Energy Workers' Federation
Brussels Europe

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions ICFTU
Gemma Adaba Brussels Europe

International Federation of Journalists
E Lee Woodyear Brussels Europe

International Metalworkers Federation
Geneva Europe

International Union of Food & Allied Workers Associations
Bob Ramsay Geneva Europe

Internationella Kvinnofoerbundet foer Fred och Frihet
Maud Froelich Sweden Europe

Kemian Tyontekijain Liitto (TU)
Helsinki Europe

Medborgar och ArbetarInstitutens Foerbund
Helsingfors Suomi/Finland Europe

Paperiliitto (TU)
Helsinki Suomi/Finland Europe

Svenska sektionen av Medborgar och Arbetarinstitutens Foerbund/Folkuniversitet
Christina Nyhed Stockholm Europe

Swedish Seafarers' Union
Goteburg Sweden Europe

The ONE Foundation (Office for Network Enhancement)
Paul Osborn Uithoorn, Netherlands Europe

Transnational Information Exchange
Albert van Oortmerssen Amsterdam Netherlands Europe

Transnational Institute
Amsterdam Netherlands Europe

Turkish Municipal and General Workers Union
Istanbul Europe

Workers Council of Ford Motor Company Plant
Rudolf Bambach Koeln Germany Europe


Central Unica de Trabalhadores
Sao Paulo LatinAm

Centro de Estudos Documentacao e Assessoria aos Trabalhadores
Daniele Zanata Sao Lourenco da Mata LatinAm

Centro dos Trabalhadores da Amazonia
Julia Feitosa da Silva Rio Branco, Brazil LatinAm

Santiago Chile LatinAm

Mexico LatinAm

Companhia de Desenvolvimento Industrial
Herbert Lins de Souza Junior Rio de Janeiro LatinAm

Confederacao Nacional dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura
Aloisio Carneiro Brasilia LatinAm

Departamento Nacional dos Metalurgicos CUT
Josamar Sao Paulo LatinAm

Diretorio Nacional do Partido dos Trabalhadores
Joaquim Soriano Sao Paulo Brazil LatinAm

El Centro de Investigacion Laboral y Assessoria Sindical
Mexico LatinAm

Federation de los Trabajadores de Salud
Andres Zamora Managua LatinAm

Inst LatinAm de Estud Transnacional - Mexico
Mexico LatinAm

Inst LatinAm de Estud Transnacional - Santiago
Chile LatinAm

Instituto de Investigacion Tec. e Industrial y de Normas Tecnicas
Luis Casanova Galvez Lima, Peru LatinAm

International Union of Foodworkers - Latin America Office
Uruguay LatinA

Jagdish Parikh Montevideo, Uruguay LatinAm

Programa de Economia y Trabajo
Santiago Chile LatinAm

Sindicato dos Portuarios
Hamber Rabello de Carvalho Rio de Janeiro LatinAm

Sindicato dos Portuarios do Espiritu SantoEdson Caetano da SilvaVitoria
Brasil LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Carlos Alberto Grana Santo Andre LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Manuel Geraldo Cacao Pereira Betim LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Claudia Aparecida Modesto Contagem LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Meirelane Batista Timoteo LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Joubert Luiz Barone Vitoria LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica
Vitor Sepulveda Lamego Volta Redonda LatinAm

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores na Industria Metalurgica de Salvador
Antonio Viana Balbino Salvador LatinAm

Transnational Information Exchange
Jeroen Peinemburg Sao Paolo LatinAm

Transnational Information Exchange
Sao Paulo Brasil LatinAm

US-Guatemala Labor Education Project - Guatemala CityKaren Brandow
Guatemala LatinAm


Centre for Applied Legal Studies
Lydia Levin Witwatersrand Sthn Africa

Chemical Workers Industrial Union
Shirley Miller Dalbridge, South Africa Sthn Africa

Congress of South African Trade Unions CoSATU
Marlene Powell Johannesburg Sthn Africa

Port Elisabeth Sthn Africa

Bheki Nxasane Durban Sthn Africa

Capetown Sthn Africa

Transvaal Sthn Africa

Industrial Health Unit, University of Natal
Myron Peters Durban Sthn Africa

Industrial Relations Network
Brian v. d. Westhuizen Marshalltown Sthn Africa

International Labour Research & Information Group
Cathy Karelse Salt River, South Africa Sthn Africa

Post Office & Telecommunications Workers Association POTWA
Excom South Africa Sthn Africa

South African Democratic Teachers Union
Ron Naidoo South Africa Sthn Africa

South African Labour Bulletin
Morice Smithers Johannesburg Sthn Africa

Southern African Research Services
Devan Pillay Braamfontein Sthn Africa

Workers Library
Johannesburg Sthn Africa

Taffy Adler Johannesburg Sthn Africa

Worknet Maputo
Ken Hansen Mozambique Sthn Africa

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
Morgan Tsvangirai Harare Sthn Africa

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