Six-year Colorado steel mill dispute settled
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Date 04/01/24/16:06

United States
Six-year Colorado steel mill dispute settled

The United Steelworkers of America and Rocky Mountain
Steel Mills reached a tentative agreement January 15,
bringing to an end a six-year labor struggle at the
companys Pueblo, Colorado facility. The agreement
would permit all union members to return to work while
allowing replacement workers to remain on the job.

The new contract, yet to be ratified, calls for a 10
percent wage increase over the five-year life of the
agreement. The company has indicated that the
proposals governing health insurance will protect them
against rising costs. The agreement also establishes a
labor dispute settlement trust that will compensate
workers employed by Rocky Mountain Steel Mills between
October 3, 1997, and December 31, 1997. The total cost
of the trust is estimated by the company at US$32

Of particular interest to the union bureaucracy is its
right to appoint a director to the companys board of
directors. The agreement also allows for a broad
neutrality clause in relation to unionization of other
company facilities in the future.

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