Thoughts on the coming 'discovery' of Bin Laden
Source Eric Smith
Date 04/01/18/18:39

Eric A. Smith
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--The Best Propaganda Money can Buy

Unless preparations are made for its eventuality, the announcement of Bin Laden's capture will be the death-knell for the 2004 Democratic campaign. And, like the the "heroic rescue" of Jessica Lynch or the toppling of Hussein's statue by "jubilant throngs" of Iraqis, it needn't even be real:,1,2187120.column

So Democrats must have a pre-emptive strategy in place; the most obvious being, early in the game, to accuse the White House of sitting on Bin Laden for political gain.

A better one is to launch an independent investigation to find Bin Laden first and announce the discovery before Rove's political operatives; this would be a huge coup.

In case you haven't been paying attention, this election year, Republicans are playing a deadly game of attrition -- death by a thousand tiny cuts, so to speak: extreme gerrymanding in Texas, the recall of a governor in California, the installation of inauditable, easily "preprogrammed" DRE e-vote machines in as many counties as wil allow them to be stuffed down their throats, relentless and bloody character assassinations in a bought-and-paid-for Murdoch-dominated media empire, absentee ballots counted by an untouchable firm in Kuwait, stacked courts ready to deliver decisions for which 2000's Gore vs. Bush set the precedent.

The odds look dire for Democrats (and, by extension, the majority of Americans, though they are as yet blissfully unaware of the slender thread from which all our liberties hang).

But, in case you haven't connected the dots, this time the GOP is playing for keeps.

Once the fix is in, there will be no turning back: by an invisible, carefully planned coup, the neoconservatives will have transformed America into an autocracy, and any remaining political opposition will be window dressing.

And so, I challenge you: this is a battle we perhaps cannot win, but, at all costs, MUST NOT LOSE.

The consequences of surrender will be incalculable: one by one, like dominos, institutions we cherish will fall -- environmental laws, social security, independent media, healthy advocacy groups, assistance for the unemployed, impoverished and disenfranchised  -- and, foremost, the right to choose our leaders.

We will be left with one remaining liberty: the right to choose which products to buy to keep the militaristic money machine well-oiled, and its minders well-heeled.

This year, unless YOU act -- BOLDLY, DECISIVELY, PERSISTENTLY AND INCESSANTLY -- the dream our forefathers nurtured to life will die.

Don't let the dream die.

Stand up and fight for America.

Stand up and fight for the vote.

This will be your last chance.

Eric A. Smith

About the author:

Eric A. Smith is a freelance journalist, editor and IT instructor living in Tokyo, Japan, and an activist for over 25 years.

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