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Date 04/01/13/12:45

Verified Voting:  Adopt a legislator next week!

Since we began this campaign, has found it important to
capture new information about those who are interested in this issue.  This
information includes State, Congressional District, volunteer preferences
and so on.  This information is becoming more and more important - please
update your record today.

H.R.2239 and S.1980 must be enacted SOON! And you can help.

We learn from what you tell us, and we have learned from you (thank you very
much!) that many legislators aren't holding town meetings during the recess.
So there is really not much need to continue researching their recess

We're changing our tactics accordingly, and we need you to join us in this
new effort.

There's only about one more week before the Senators and Representatives
head back to DC, so take some time and do something really valuable for your
country. You'll be really glad you did.

your Representative (if not already a co-sponsor). Send us an email at and let us know the one you adopted. Then:

a) If your state page (see doesn't
have the schedule, check your legislator's web sites. If it isn't there
either, just call the office and ask. If the legislator has a public
appearance or meeting scheduled, ATTEND. Stand right up in the meeting and
ask "Will you co-sponsor The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility
Act?" Take flyers from our resource/download page
( and pass them out
to others at the meeting.  Check here for guidelines on holding an
individual meeting.
b) If no meetings are scheduled, please let us know. Then schedule a meeting
of your own in the legislator's local office. At worst, meet with the staff.
Let them know you support the bills and ask if they do. Take information to
leave with them.
c) If that's too much for your schedule next week, then call and try to set
up a phone meeting with your legislator. If that doesn't work, let the staff
know you are strongly in support of the bill. Fax them information

IMPORTANT: Be sure to send us an email at and
let us know anything you find out!! We need this information to continue
moving in directions that are effective.

Thank you so much,
~ The team

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