That Pesky Bush-Hitler Thing
Source Michael Hoover
Date 04/01/08/13:30

  t r u t h o u t | Commentary
  By Marc Ash

  Tuesday 06 January 2004

  Here we go again. Another bone-head with a Bush-Hitler analogy. How many times have we told folks this? Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler. Holy cow, this is getting really frustrating. Why won't this thing die?

  Just because his grandfather Prescott Bush financed Hitler's rise to power, do they think that means George W. Bush has Nazi tendencies? That's absurd. Is it fair to say that just because the U.S. government had to step in and shut down Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation operations in  New York in 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, that this Bush should viewed with caution and skepticism? That's just silly.

  And who are these bloody Europeans who keep comparing Bush to Hitler? Take that German Justice Minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, who compared Bush's dealings on Iraq to those of Hitler. That really takes the cake, now doesn't it? What do the Germans know of Hitler anyway? Why should they feel empowered to warn the world of such impending dangers? Why couldn't they just shut-up and help us kill the Iraqis?

  The worst has to be Newsweek's Poland bureau.  The story they published titled "The Bush Family and Nazis" was completely out of left field. Who cares that the story states "The Bush family reaped the benefits of slave labor in the Auschwitz concentration camp"?

  The important thing here is that George W. Bush is very patriotic. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie is right.  His boy George is clean, that's right, clean as a whistle.  No skulls or bones in his closet for sure.

  This thing has to stop right now. New rules: If you are a journalist and you talk about Bush and Hitler, you're fired on the spot, no ifs, ands, or buts.  If you are an official and you try it, you will be forced to resign -- you're done. And for all of you trouble-makers out there who want to keep it up on your own, we can keep track of you with the Patriot Act.

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