Terror button pressed again
Source Bill Lear
Date 03/12/22/10:32

In the long tradition of frightening domestic populations against
evil, foreign monsters, the Bush administration has again pressed the
terror button, raising the "antiterrorism" alert status from yellow to
orange --- the second highest level --- just at the peak of the
holiday season.  The idea is: when you think of Santa, be very, very

The Bush regime of course knows that there is nothing whatsoever that
citizens can do with this information, which is in fact why it is
nothing more than egregious terror-mongering that has as its sole
purpose the attenuation of political dissent and instillation of
broad, unfocused terror in the general public.

What, exactly, are we supposed to do?  Wear an extra layer of body
armor?  Walk just a little faster when we see that jumbo jet overhead?
Be more "vigilant"?  What does this all mean?  In practice, it means
that the population simply becomes more alarmed about these
unspecified threats of violence, that the terrible acts of September
11, 2001 are again pushed in front of our faces for political gain,
and that the Bush regime can continue to blur the line between the
so-called "war on terror" and its utterly illegal, unjustified, and
immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

As they are trained to do, the US media obediently relays these
blatant acts of cynical propaganda without batting an eye.  No
question is ever raised as to the track record of truth-telling by
those who claim to have "credible evidence" of impending terrorist

We were told of "credible evidence" that Saddam Hussein was developing
nuclear weapons with uranium from Niger; we were told of "credible
evidence" that Saddam Hussein was "an ally" of Al-Qaeda; we were told
of "credible evidence" that Iraq was trying to purchase aluminum tubes
for processing uranium; we were told by George W. Bush himself that
"We found the weapons of mass destruction.  We found biological
laboratories"; we were told of "credible information" that Iraq was
"six months away" from developing nuclear weapons; we were told of
"credible evidence" that Iraq possessed a fleet of unmanned aircraft
that could be used "for missions targeting the United States".

All blatant lies used for political ends, and each time the alert
system is used we are bombarded with a fresh heap of unhelpful but
politically useful stories of "credible information" that bad guys are
out to get your momma, your dog, and your best friends.

This all begs the question of the wisdom of a security system that
advertises to the bad guys when we think we are on to them.  Wouldn't
it be better to let the public "go about their business" as Mayor
Bloomberg of New York urges, and to just let the guys with the white
hats silently go about their business of catching the evil ones?

But that would dilute the terrorizing effect that is so strenuously
sought by the irresponsible "conservatives" who rule us now, and who
have well learned the principles espoused by those such as Hermann
Goering who in 1936 said:

     ... it is always a simple matter to drag the people along ... All
     you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce
     the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to

Remember people: if you hear a jingling on the roof and mysterious
sounds from the chimney, don't forget to shoot first and ask questions
later --- it could be Osama coming to get you.

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