Non-union IGC contract
Source Dennis Bernstein
Date 99/05/01/22:34

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Date: Tue, 15 Dec 98 17:42:29 -0000
From: dennis bernstein

Dear Corporate Watchers: Do you have any information on why IGC/Peace
Net has contracted a non-union company in Louisiana, a "right-to-work"
state, for Software support service on its new Internet software. I was
never informed that my membership in "progressive" IGC would lead me into
supporting non-union companies in an anti-workers state. I am not suprised
that this non-union company is totally non responsive to user needs: On five
occasions, as reflected by my phone bill, it has taken over twenty-five
minutes on a long-distance line for assistance. Then when the line is
finally answered there is little help from an obviously overworked
I contact Corporate Watch first because of your work in support of
unions and workers, but more importantly because of your direct connection
to IGC. In fact, Debra Farrel, at IGC, who confirmed the hiring of a non
union group in an anti worker state, because "we really looked and couldn't
find a union shop" also stated that Corporate Watch was one of IGC's
"closest" working partners. Is "Corporate Watch" aware of this, planning to
take a stand on the anti-union actions at IGC?
What can pro-worker IGC users do to support this effort? I will be
speaking with other IGC'ers, unionists and journalists to see if they are
aware what is going on...I thank you for your prompt response on this
imporant issue...There are very few pro-worker, people's organizations
left!!!respectfully dennis bernstein 510-547-5063: Producer of Flashpoints/KPFA---

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