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Date 03/09/16/23:28

"Does Marijuana Use Impair Human Capital Formation?"

              The RAND Corporation
              National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
           JEANNE S. RINGEL
              The RAND Corporation
           KAREN E. ROSS
              University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
              Population Studies Center

Document:  Available from the SSRN Electronic Paper Collection:

Paper ID:  NBER Working Paper No. W9963
    Date:  September 2003

 In this paper we examine the relationship between marijuana use
 and human capital formation by examining performance on
 standardized tests among a nationally representative sample of
 youths from the National Education Longitudinal Survey. We find
 that much of the negative association between cross-sectional
 measures of marijuana use and cognitive ability appears to be
 attenuated by individual differences in school attachment and
 general deviance. However, difference-in-difference estimates
 examining changes in test scores across 10th and 12th grade
 reveal that marijuana use remains statistically associated with
 a 15% reduction in performance on standardized math tests.

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