A.N.S.W.E.R. response to Bush
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Date 03/09/09/11:39


President Bush's illegal war and occupation of Iraq has
left the Administration in a position of extreme political
vulnerability. He now wants the United Nations and U.S.
taxpayers to bail him out. Having defied U.S. and world
public opinion - which preemptively opposed his planned,
illegal invasion of Iraq - the Bush administration wants
to internationalize responsibility for the U.S. quagmire
in Iraq. With U.S. casualties mounting daily he wants the
soldiers of other countries to do more of the dying to
take the heat off himself at home. And in the name of
fighting international terrorism he wants the already
suffering working class, poor and middle class communities
to foot the bill to the tune of another $87 billion
(triple what they had projected). Having had his public
rationale(s) for the war exposed in recent weeks as a
complete fraud, Bush shamelessly reverts to the
time-tested tactic of trying to scare the hell out of

President Bush's conduct on Iraq - before, during and now
after the Iraq war - has made the old cliché about truth
being the "first casualty in war" to be a grand
understatement. Everything about this "pre-emptive war" is
premised on deceit. Even in the realm of ever duplicitous
"world politics," the Administration's pattern of cynical
deception was and remains breathtaking. Tonight's
nationally televised address conforms to this pattern of
endless deceit.

1) Bush lied before the war. Iraq never posed a grave and
imminent danger to the United States. Iraq had nothing to
do with September 11th. Iraq never possessed nuclear
weapons. Iraq was not rapidly trying to develop weapons of
mass destruction. This was a war of aggression against the
second-largest oil producer on the planet that had been
weakened by a decade of economic sanctions and political

2) Bush lied during the war. This was not liberation. The
Iraqi people did not welcome the U.S. armed forces as
liberators but as occupiers. Their lives did not become
better. On the contrary, this culturally rich society has
been torn apart, deprived of necessary services to sustain
civilian society and on the brink of internal collapse.

3) Bush is lying now. Iraq is not the battlefield between
"international terrorism" and the forces of so-called
"freedom" and "civilization." The growing resistance to
U.S. occupation is the consequence of an angry and proud
people in Iraq who insist on reclaiming their own
sovereignty. Having killed tens of thousands of Iraqis in
an illegal invasion - and a growing number of dead and
maimed U.S. soldiers - the Bush team wants U.S. taxpayers
to spend at least another $87 billion on the occupation of
Iraq. The vast majority sentiment in Iraq wants the U.S.
soldiers to leave and the U.S. GIs want to go home. The
Iraqi people's call to end the occupation is not a call
for even more foreign nations to occupy it and to take a
share in the looting of Iraq's natural resources. The
truth is that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is
viewed by the people of the Middle East as an act of
"international terrorism" and as such it can only lead to
a dangerous escalation in the cycle of violence.

Why did Bush address the nation tonight? He, like Nixon a
generation ago, fears that the people of the United States
are turning against this criminal war. During his
administration, Bush has only rarely felt that he must
address the people, and does so when he fears that a
sentiment is growing strong enough to challenge his
illegal actions. He must then lie more to convince the
people of the U.S. to support his criminal endeavors, or
at least acquiesce in them. His shameful "top gun" act
aboard the aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Lincoln, in front
of a "Mission Accomplished" banner, was an effort to tell
people in the United States and around the world that the
war was over and that no more critical attention need be
focused on Iraq. Tonight, with that lie laid bare, he is
seeking to go a new route, to convince people that far
from being over, the war is a high stakes game to save
"civilization" and "freedom" and that it requires endless
sacrifice in human life and vitally needed resources.

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