Indiana Jones criticizes US foreign policy
Source Louis Proyect
Date 03/09/01/12:26

NY Daily News, August 29, 2003
Indiana Jones whips Dubya's policy

Harrison Ford staged an attack on foreign soil yesterday, but his target
was George W. Bush.
Ford is the latest Hollywood celebrity to dump on the Prez, joining Susan
Sarandon and Sean Penn, among others, in criticizing America's adventure in

"I am very disturbed about the direction American foreign policy is going,"
Ford said in Madrid yesterday. He's in Spain promoting his U.S. box-office
flop "Hollywood Homicide," co-starring Josh Hartnett.

"Something needs to be done to help alleviate the conditions which have
created a disenfranchised and angry faction in the Middle East," he said.
"I don't think military intervention is the correct solution. I regret what
we as a country have done so far."

The 61-year-old actor also used his closeup to rail about crises in
domestic policy. "I'm very troubled by the proliferation of arms," said
Ford (who refused to discuss his relationship with girlfriend Calista

"So many people in the United States carry guns. I'm sure gun laws should
be strengthened in the United States. I just don't know the correct

Perhaps Indiana Jones will. Ford says a script for the fourth installment
of the franchise has "come a long way."

"If we can get to be happy with the progress of the script, we'll start
shooting in the summer of 2004," he said.

Just in time for the election. Indy for Prez, anyone?

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