Howard Dean
Source Michael Hoover
Date 03/07/06/03:33

read somewhere that dean said others could call him a liberal [not sure
that label means these days]but that he didn't consider himself one,
doesn't appear that his positions on issues make him progressive
[whatever that ill-defined term means], below culled from post to
another e-mail list...  michael hoover

health care
complex 4-prong plan, extending multiple state and federal programs
piecemeal, combined with tax credits and incentives, all of which dean
claims is more likely to become law, but still won't cover everyone

death penalty
favors for "extreme" crimes like terrorism or the killing of a police
officer, although critical of bush administration's "careless" approach
to executions

roe v wade
pro-choice, but opposed to making roe v. wade a litmus test for federal

kyoto treaty
says we must "take another look," but has "concerns" about some

patriot act
would repeal "parts," but also wants to expand intelligence agencies;
praises feingold as only senator who opposed the act, ignoring
kucinich's vocal house opposition, falsely implying no other candidate
opposed the patriot act

opposes "fast track" treatment of any future trade legislation;
personally marched in Seattle protests Notes problems with "free" trade,
suggesting the need for inclusion of human rights, environmental, and
labor standards in trade agreements -- but still pro-nafta

star wars ballistic missile system
would cut only 1/8 of the funding, transferring it to international
threat-reduction programs

pentagon waste
disagrees with any proposed Pentagon cutbacks, and advocates aggressive
expansion of intelligence, police, and special forces

balanced budget
main priority -- even equating it with social progress: "we cannot have
social justice without a sound fiscal foundation" -- describing himself
as "to the right of bush" on the issue

gun control
supports closing the gun show loophole, but opposes other new federal
regulation; considers guns a states' rights issue; an "a" rating from
nra most of his career

medical marijuana
firmly opposed, although promises to abide by a proposed fda evaluation

war on drugs
has accepted national governors association position: more federal
funding for all aspects of the drug war; however, also speaks of drug
use as a medical problem, and has called war on drugs a failure

gay rights
signed a civil union (not gay marriage) bill as vermont governor, but
opposes similar national laws as a states' rights issue

supports investment in alternative energy and energy efficiency;
however, has sided with Vermont state utilities on most issues

iraq war
firmly opposed, before, although he said in that he would support
unilateral action if iraq had wmds; softened his rhetoric once the war
began, now again firmly opposed, and highly vocal

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