Howard Dean: "Now That We're There We Can't Leave"
Source Yoshie Furuhashi
Date 03/07/03/10:33

If Howard Dean gets elected, we can count on the escalation and
prolongation of the occupation of Iraq....

*****   National Public Radio (NPR)
SHOW: Morning Edition (11:00 AM AM ET) - NPR
July 2, 2003 Wednesday
HEADLINE: Howard Dean on issues that are important to him as a
Democratic presidential candidate

...[BOB] EDWARDS [host]: What would you be doing differently in postwar Iraq?

Dr. DEAN: Now that we're there we can't leave.  We cannot allow chaos
or fundamentalist regime in Iraq because it could be fertile ground
for al-Qaeda.  First thing I would do is bring in 40 to 50,000 other
troops.  I'd look to Arab countries, Islamic countries who are our
allies, NATO, the United Nations.  General Shinseki, before we went
in, said that we did not have enough troops.  The administration
ignored that advice.  It turned out to be true.  It was a bad thing
the administration ignored their own military expertise.  We need
those troops.  We're not keeping order in Iraq.  And it seems to me
that what we need is some expertise from people who know how to
police countries that are in some chaos and who understand how to
administer and build the institutions of democracy.  We're going to
be there for a long time in Iraq.  We can't leave.  Because if we do
before there's established democracy, many worse things will happen
to both the Iraqi people and to America if the terrorists move in....

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