Saddam etc.
Source Aldo Matteucci
Date 03/05/22/02:24

Hello everybody,

just the last kid on the block, except that my block is 10'000 km away,
down under, in New Zealand. By chance I caught up with Michael, whom I
knew at UCB thirty years ago.

Three points:

1. Corruption of Iraki Generals. Corruption of enemy forces is a very
old and honourable US Army tradition. According to Norman LEWIS (1991)
The Honoured Society, Eland, London, the Great cigar-toting and soldier-
bashing George PATTON was worried about a 60'000 strong Italian army in
the mountains on the way to Palermo. A call was made to Lucky Luciano,
then supervising longshoremen from his NY jail cell. Lucky liaised with
Don Calogero Vizzini, Sicily's Boss of Bosses. The valiant Italian
general was put under wraps by the Mafia, the soldiers were told to go
home, and PATTON was waved through to Palermo in seven days.

2.Whe are Bin Ladin and Saddam?  They are never meant to be found. The
purpose of having an eternal war on terrorism is that you can thereby
circumvent the checks and balances of the US Constitution. Rumsfeld let
the cat out of the bag when he prohibited any military to call himself
Commander in Chief. You'll see soon this title replace President. It's
all a theatre, frorget. What is at stake is the control of the country,
not the world.

3. Blurring the line between advocacy and terrorism.  You worry? Dame
Sylvia Cartwright, Governor General of New Zealand, and the Queen's
representative, was returning from an official visit to Gallipoli on a
Air New Zealand flight. It had a technical stopover in LA for refueling
etc. She was whisked off and thoroughly searched, even her shoes were
taken off for computerised sniffing. She is about 60, very gentle and
dignified, and a former judge. If you read Sebastian HAFFNER (1997) The
meaning of Hitler, Phoenix, London, you'll see that 'to work towards the
Fueher' by all party hacks and bureaucrats, i.e. to interpret his will
as imagined or undeerstood, was Adolf's favourite method of rule. He
never did have to give orders.
Have fun


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