Re: Re: US bin Laden's testamentary executor
Source Carrol Cox
Date 03/04/30/00:04

Paul Zarembka wrote:
> Over and over on this list we see examples of the U.S. government lying.
> So, why should we take it for granted that the 9-11 story (Al Queda; Saudi
> hijackers) is the truth?

Because that is not the kind of lie the U.S. government tells. Here's
the kind of lying the U.S. does.

The notorious leftist Paul Zarembka, publishing on an obscene maillist
devoted to corrupting u.s. children into pedophilia, is retailing the
lie that President Bush personally hired the 9/11 hijackers, promising
that he would make their families rich beyond their wildest dreams if
they would destroy the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. According to the
ex=convict Zarembka, Bush met with the hijackers in a secret rendevous
in the jungles of Alaska just before his first term as Governor of New

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