Kucinich: Stop
Source Dan Scanlan
Date 03/04/03/01:51

Kucinich Takes to The House Floor To Call For An End to The War

WASHINGTON - April 1 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), who
leads opposition to the War in Iraq within the House, today, issued
the following statement on the House floor:

"Stop the war now. As Baghdad will be encircled, this is the time to
get the UN back in to inspect Baghdad and the rest of Iraq for
biological and chemical weapons. Our troops should not have to be the
ones who will find out, in combat, whether Iraq has such weapons. Why
put our troops at greater risk? We could get the United Nations
inspectors back in.

"Stop the war now. Before we send our troops into house-to-house
combat in Baghdad, a city of five million people. Before we ask our
troops to take up the burden of shooting innocent civilians in the
fog of war.

"Stop the war now. This war has been advanced on lie upon lie. Iraq
was not responsible for 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for any role
al-Qaeda may have had in 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for the
anthrax attacks on this country. Iraq did not tried to acquire
nuclear weapons technology from Niger. This war is built on falsehood.

"Stop the war now. We are not defending America in Iraq. Iraq did not
attack this nation. Iraq has no ability to attack this nation. Each
innocent civilian casualty represents a threat to America for years
to come and will end up making our nation less safe. The seventy-five
billion dollar supplemental needs to be challenged because each dime
we spend on this war makes America less safe. Only international
cooperation will help us meet the challenge of terrorism. After 9/11
all Americans remember we had the support and the sympathy of the
world. Every nation was ready to be of assistance to the United
States in meeting the challenge of terrorism. And yet, with this war,
we have squandered the sympathy of the world. We have brought upon
this nation the anger of the world. We need the cooperation of the
world, to find the terrorists before they come to our shores.

"Stop this war now. Seventy-five billion dollars more for war.
Three-quarters of a trillion dollars for tax cuts, but no money for
veterans' benefits. Money for war. No money for health care in
America, but money for war. No money for social security, but money
for war. We have money to blow up bridges over the Tigris and the
Euphrates, but no money to build bridges in our own cities. We have
money to ruin the health of the Iraqi children, but no money to
repair the health of our own children and our educational programs.

"Stop this war now. It is wrong. It is illegal. It is unjust and it
will come to no good for this country.

"Stop this war now. Show our wisdom and our humanity, to be able to
stop it, to bring back the United Nations into the process. Rescue
this moment. Rescue this nation from a war that is wrong, that is
unjust, that is immoral.

"Stop this war now."

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