2 Of Every 5 Gulf War Vets Are On Disability
Source Yoshie Furuhashi
Date 03/02/03/00:39

>Is there a government source to verify these figures?  I have mentioned
>them in class, but students want some verification.
>Michael Perelman

*****   Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Public Affairs
News Service
Washington, D.C. 20420
(202) 273-5700
VA Fact Sheet
April 2000

Illnesses of Gulf War Veterans

...Disability Compensation

Since early 1995, VA has been providing compensation payments to
chronically disabled Gulf War veterans with undiagnosed illnesses.
This benefit was expanded under an April 29, 1997, regulation that
essentially eliminated the date of initial manifestation of latent
symptoms as a consideration in adjudication through the end of the
year 2001.  A disability is considered chronic if it has existed for
at least six months.

Outside of the new regulation, VA has long based monthly compensation
for veterans on finding evidence a condition arose during or was
aggravated by service.  VA has approved more than 183,037 claims of
Gulf veterans for service injuries or illnesses of all kinds,
including 3,117 approved under the undiagnosed illnesses regulation
(latest statistics at


*****   Veterans Benefits Administration
Office of Performance Analysis and Integrity
Data and Information Services
May 2002 Gulf War Veterans Information System
Briefing For:
National Gulf War Resource Center
September 10, 2002

...Gulf War Veterans Information System
May 2002 GWVIS Summary Report
Category  Conflict  Theater  Deployed   Era        Total

Service   696,778   430,680  1,127,458  4,388,819  5,516,277

Estimated 572,833   278,647    851,480  2,516,737  3,368,217

Claims     206,861   78,431    285,292    714,452    999,744

Claims     183,249   67,955    251,204    663,118    914,322

Claims     159,238   62,264    221,502    587,460    808,962


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