The Left Responds
Source Dave Anderson
Date 01/09/25/01:59

The Left Responds: Fear and Hope
By Ben Ehrenreich LA Weekly Writer

MarCUS Raskin is a co-founder of the Institute for Policy Studies, a
left-wing think tank, and has written extensively about the
national-security state:

If there is something like a declaration of war, what this does is change
dissent and difference into conspiracy and sedition in the minds of those
who are running the war. We have to make clear that weíre not standing
against the people who died, but are standing with them.

There is a way of making clear that those who did this will be punished, but
itís also got to be clear that the U.S. should look at the way itís lived in
the world for the last couple generations. If the left begins to take very
strong positions on this, people in leadership positions will find
themselves in trouble. Thereís no question about that. The question is if
people will be willing to put themselves at risk in that way....

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