Terrorist use of chemical and biological attacks
Source Ken Hanly
Date 01/09/16/02:08

So while Bush plans to show the other side the awesome power of the US no
one even dreams that the US is vulnerable to these sorts of counter-attack.
I see no discussion of this. Why? It is common knowledge that biological and
chemical weapons are likely to be available to terrorists. If this is a war
the terrorist must take advantage of the weaknesses of the US . The
terrorists have no tanks or sophisticated weaponry to successfully
counterattack. With stringent security suicide bombing will be much more
difficult. Chemical and biological warfare of some type is however quite
possible. They are weapons that may very well be available to the terrorists
and the US has no effective defence against them. It is hard to imagine the
absolute outrage that such attacks would produce. Perhaps it will even
produce a mirror image of the mujahedeen. A fight against the forces of
darkness. Already we are told the original act was an attack against
civilization, freedom, and democracy.

We may be in a situation that is in reality like MAD (mutually assured
destruction) a situation that should lead each side to be cautious in
responding to any attacks. However one side, the US, doesnt seem to
understand its vulnerability even though it was just dramatically
illustrated a few days back
A small sect in Japan was able to paralyze a Tokyo subway by relasing Sarin
gas. Another sect went to Africa to get samples of the ebola virus. Are
terrorists with the skills to bring down the Trade Towers and damage the
Pentagon lacking in the skills and wherewithal to mount a biological attack
with results that would make the original attack but a warning shot? Here is
a quote:
Kathleen C. Bailey, a former assistant director of the U.S. Arms
Control and Disarmament Agency, has visited several biotechnology and
pharmaceutical firms. She is "absolutely convinced" that a major biological
arsenal could be built with $10,000 worth of equipment in a room 15 feet by
15. After all, one can cultivate trillions of bacteria at relatively little
risk to one's self with gear no more sophisticated than a beer fermenter and
a protein-based culture, a gas mask and a plastic overgarment.

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