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Source Michael Perelman
Date 01/06/03/23:46

Nathan, the KLA were like the FARC only if you see the Serbians as the bad
guys. We went over that fight already.

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:09:45PM -0400, Nathan Newman wrote:
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> From: "Louis Proyect"
> >Actually, the same divide that existed with respect to US intervention in
> >Yugoslavia exists with respect to the impending war in Colombia. Nation
> >Magazine liberals, Z Magazine and the like opposed Nato's military actions
> >but accepted the State Department's demonization of Milosevic. Ramsey
> >Clark, the WWP, Jared Israel, yours truly opposed the war and rejected the
> >demonization.
> The comparison to Kosovo is a bit off, since while various groups may have
> warmer or cooler attitudes towards the FARC itself, the more interesting
> comparison is to attitudes towards the KLA, which like the FARC was the
> rebel movement involved there. Many folks (including Lou) happily demonized
> the KLA, accusing them of everything from murder to drug running, exactly
> the kinds of compromising actions almost any rebel movement makes.
> In the case of Columbia, the US is on the side of the central government in
> putting down rebels, while in Kosovo it was on the side of the rebels. Now,
> it is perfectly valid intellectually to support the central government in
> Serbia and oppose it in Columbia, but the fact is that Milosevic had the
> full resources of a state and committed full throated human rights
> violations when it had other alternatives. It is hard to compare the
> "demonization" of such actions against the choices faced by rebel groups.
> Frankly, the Columbian government (as opposed to the whole apparatus of
> parmilitaries that undergird it, a fine distinction but somewhat real, and
> likely to become more real if the Right takes full power in elections as
> looks more likely) is a more attractive government than Belgrade's, but I
> would bet that almost all groups and individuals who had critical support
> for NATO intervention against Milosevic are opposing Plan Columbia.
> Strict "anti-imperialism" politics and simple comparisons between situations
> just don't work very well in a world of multiple alliances and complicated
> class tensions. It would be interesting to try to integrate
> "narco-capitalism" into a simple class analysis of individual countries and
> of how that then plays out in conflict between nations. I am sure Lou can
> deliver such a simple analysis where all the good guys end up on one side
> and bad guys on the other, but it seems clearer that narcocapitalism has
> played an incredibly complicated role in both upholding the worst death
> squads of Latin America AND funded some of its biggest resistance. And it
> is clear that at points the US's anti-communism and anti-drug policy have
> been in direct conflict, the whole point that the exposes of CIA conflict
> with the DEA has shown. This micro agency conflict has played out more
> broadly across the expanse of Latin America conflicts both within US policy
> and within many of those nation;s politics as well.
> And trying to map those divisions onto simple divisions among the US left is
> even less easy to make
> Nathan Newman

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