On Easter Day
Source Bob Kinsey
Date 01/04/17/07:41

Does anybody feel orchestrated? The pictures of the spy plane airmen
returning from Hainan were cast in the aura of returning war heroes – men
and woman who were defending the frontiers of freedom against a fearsome
Yellow Peril whose war-like intentions and human rights record are such that
they are like unto the Philistines, the Huns, the Stalinists and Fidelistas.
Such is the agenda of organizations like the Committee on the Present
Danger, Helms the Jesse, Lott the Trent, Powell the Colin, and Chaney the
Dick. Little does it matter that these air persons were treated to
accommodations most Americans can ill afford while on vacation, while
awaiting diplomacy to weave its myths.

Perhaps the most dissonant thing was Chaney’s appeal to international law
(international waters) to assert the right of the plane to do its thing 19
km from Hainan. His folks would not have the US or its corporations subject
to international law when it comes to war crimes, to global warming
agreements, to nuclear non-proliferation, to nuclear missile defense – only
to its privileges to fly 19 km off the China coast.

It is probably true that a Chinese military aircraft even five times
further away from our coast without permission would not have been subject
to fly-bys, but instead would have been blown out of the sky. The USA
foreign military aircraft limit is reported to be over 200 km. What is the
agenda of the Pentagonists, missiliers, and the Lockheed/Boeing stockholders
if not to craft sufficient enemies to justify more military spending, more
and newer Nukes, even more nefarious weapons?

Of course, such weapons would never be used by the USA except to defend
freedom with surgical operating room caution. The record speaks for itself.
Who bombed the Laotian and Cambodia and Vietnamese civilians to the
millions? Who defoliated a whole country with poison that even poisoned its
own soldiers? Who overtly arms other nations with high tech weapons to
oppress their minorities whether in East Timor or Israel? Who sells the
most arms in the world? Who blew a passenger jet out of the Iranian sky
killing all the passengers? Whoops? Who has explicitly threatened other
countries with the use of nuclear weapons at least 10 times by 1971 and more
since? Who litters the battlefield with uranium and plutonium dust and
radio-active spent ordinance? Who lies about the presence of plutonium in
these bullets, warheads and shells until forced by evidence to admit it? Who
stonewalls its own soldiers suffering from the poisons of this battle? Who
accepts the death of half a million children from poisoned water, polluted
environs, lack of medicines and proper diet for ten years in the name of
controlling their un-elected leader? Who intentionally bombed the civilian
infrastructure to create that poisoned water? Whose submarine drowns 9
civilians while it is at play in the Pacific? Whose Secretary of State, as
a military commander, said he was uninterested in the number of reported
civilian deaths – just collateral damage? Who regularly bombs a country for
ten years with impunity and no danger to its own, presumably to protect the
Kurds and other minorities-- and then stands aside to let the Turks bomb the
Kurds? Who maintains a launch-on-warning first-strike use policy for its
nuclear weapons and continues to develop them even after signing a treaty
saying it won’t? Whose civilian population continually ignores all this,
quietly going about the pursuit of its individual happiness, passively
paying taxes to support it, electing leaders pledged to a strong national
defense? Who indeed flashes signs of its own collective IQ at its
conquering freedom fighters like the whole things was a sporting event?
Surely such a country can be trusted never to use its weapons except for

And today the most hawkish of religionists smilingly egress their Easter
sunrise to sunset feel good celebrations talking of eternal life while
longing for crusades, armageddons and raptures, their churches sporting
national flags and prayers of thanksgiving for warriors -- except ones who
wear other uniforms. Somewhere, somehow the scandal of the cross got
turned into the triumph of force. Who lives by the sword dies by the sword
is what he said. Lovingly taking the pain and destruction of evil upon
himself is what he did. But we have all died to that Spirit.

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