AFL-CIO endorses Apr16 event
Source Dave Anderson
Date 00/04/06/01:52

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posted April 1, 2000

In this alert:
AFL-CIO endorses permitted rally & march
Housing, schedule, preparations, etc.
Outreach booklet second printing is ready
Sweatshop teach-in A14 in DC
Latin America solidarity conference A15 in DC
Other significant mobilization events


The AFL-CIO has endorsed the rally and march which are happening under
permit on April 16 in Washington, DC. There are two streams of
participation for the April 16 mobilization:

* A permit-protected rally and march to protest the policies of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. The rally will be MC'd by
Michael Moore ("Roger and Me") and others.

* Nonviolent direct action at or near IMF headquarters, with a goal of
shutting down the scheduled IMF meeting. This stream of action will involve
people who engage in civil disobedience with a high probability of facing
arrest and people who will be close at hand to show their support.

The Mobilization for Global Justice (coordinating events on and around
April 16) has enthusiastically welcomed the endorsement and participation
of the AFL-CIO. The new leadership of the federation has done much to
foster an atmosphere in which international solidarity can have real
meaning for organized labor in the U.S. The fact that the AFL-CIO has
signed on also is a tribute to the thousands of rank-and-file union
activists, union locals and labor councils which provided such a
groundswell of support for the mobilization as to reaffirm the adage: "If
the people lead, the leaders will follow."

Over 450 organizations around the world have endorsed the Mobilization for
Global Justice. In addition to the AFL-CIO, other endorsing U.S. labor
bodies include: United Steelworkers (USWA), American Federation of
Government Employees, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE) and
Metropolitan Washington Council of the AFL-CIO For the entire
international, multi-sector list, see .


Two caravans are currently crossing the country with puppets, music and
news of the April mobilization. Last sightings: Des Moines, IA and
Burlington, VT. Upcoming stops: .


Questions about when to come, where to stay, what to do during the
mobilization? See: .


The first printing of 17,000 copies of the April 16 outreach booklet,
"False Profits," have sold fast. Another 7,500 were printed on March 31 and
already more than 1,300 of those have sold. This booklet is designed for
use before, during and after A16.

Send mail orders to:
Booklets/Campaign for Labor Rights
1247 "E" Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

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On Friday April 14, Campaign for Labor Rights will host a teach-in,
"Sweatshops: Globalizing the Resistance," co-sponsored by Global Exchange
and United Students Against Sweatshops:

St. Stephen Episcopal Church at 16th and Newton Street NW
Registration 8:30-9:15: $5.00, $3.00 student/low income
Panels: 9:15-6:00: Sweatshop struggles in Central America, Mexico,
Asia/Pacific, agribusiness - plus the latest on the student anti-sweatshop

Send pre-registration to: Teach-In/Campaign for Labor Rights, 1247 "E"
Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. For information: (541) 344-5410,


On Saturday April 15, attend a Latin America solidarity conference.
Sponsors include: ACERCA, CISPES, Campaign for Labor Rights, Committee of
Indigenous Solidarity, Development Gap, Interconnect, Marin Interfaith Task
Force on Central America, Mexico Solidarity Network, NISGUA, Nicaragua
Network, Quest for Peace/Quixote Center, Princeton/Granada Sister Cities
Committee, Rights Action, STITCH, Witness for Peace, 50 Years Is Enough

St. Stephen Episcopal Church at 16th and Newton Street NW
Registration 8:30-9:30: $20.00, $10.00 student/low income
Panels, plenaries and workshops 9:30 am to 8:00 pm

Send pre-registration to: LASC/Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 "E" Street
SE, Washington, DC 20003. For information: (202) 544-9355,
, .


Sunday April 9 - Jubilee 2000/USA mobilization to cancel debts of
impoverished countries: (202) 783-3566, .

Tuesday April 11 - Economic Way of the Cross. Religious Working Group on
the World Bank and IMF: .

Wednesday April 12 - Stop WTO expansion rally on Capitol Hill. Citizens
Trade Campaign: (202) 546-4611>, .

Friday April 14 - International Forum on Globalization teach-in: (415)
229-9350, .
AND THE BIG ONES: Sunday April 16 and Monday April 17 - protest and
nonviolent direct action at IMF and World Bank. Mobilization for Global
Justice: (202) 544-9355, .

Events outside DC: a multitude of teach-ins, protests, road shows and other
activities, including:
April 14-16 - The Fightback! Students, Labor and the Struggle Against the
Corporate Agenda. University of Delaware (Newark, Delaware). Young
Democratic Socialists: (212) 727-8610, .

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