Source Old Fjord Larsen
Date 99/12/12/18:04

The IDEAL prerequisites for victory of the resistance
movement over corporate rule by means of
demonstration are

- a completely peaceful demonstration with many
participants with which all humanity outside the
corporate headquarters can identify, and

- a fair worldwide media coverage of the event.

Basically, hooligans - whether paid by the corporations
or subject to anarchist ideology - therefore are factual
enemies of the people.

However, since 99 % of the media are controlled by the
capital, we normally do NOT get a fair coverage of our
efforts, to say the least !! Silence normally is their
very efficient weapon to protect their masters.

To ensure that the event be covered at all, some
controlled degree of violence directed against precisely
identified appropriate targets in some cases may be
justified, in spite of the consequently reduced number
of sympathizers.

In Seattle the previous long preparations and focus
on the event made any further attention unnecessary.
The violence of the police furthermore ensured the big
headlines in the media.

The hooliganism in Seattle therefore must be strongly
condemned, because it unnecessarily reduced the sympathy
in the world population whom we represent, and
considerably discouraged the vast majority of the
demonstrators who up until then had been in great
enthusiatic spirit.

Additionally, the casual smashing of windows was directed
against small as well as big stores and made it completely
meaningless from our point of view.


FLEXIBILITY must be a key word in the planning of the
coming demonstrations.

The coordinating group of the participating organisations
must to an even higher degree than this time prepare the
demonstrators for knocking down and turning over to the
police any anwanted hooligans.
Even if a hooligan should be killed, it would only be a very
little loss as compared with the daily rate of 20.000
dead children due to corporate rule.

The coordinating group must beforehand have arranged for
contacts worldwide that via the Internet all the time
report on the media coverage.

Only in cases where the previous focus on the event or
the police brutality is insufficient to make the media
cover the story, is a minimum degree of violence
justified, and only directed precisely at easily
understandable targets.

Ole Fjord Larsen,
member of United Peoples

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