Overtime pay for hourly tech writers
Source Dennis DeMaio
Date 99/05/01/02:24

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> From: Dpdemaio
> Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 08:38:14 EST
> Subject: Overtime pay for hourly tech writers
> Dear Colorado NWU Brothers and Sisters: I am sending you this message because
> there has been a recent development on overtime pay for hourly technical
> writers here in Colorado. Since you have all signed up in our union as
> "business, informational and technical writers," this development may be of
> importance to you.
> On March 9, 1998, I secured an opinion from the Colorado Department of Labor
> that one of our brothers here in Colorado is not receiving the overtime pay he
> is entitled to. As an hourly paid technical (computer) writer making under
> $27.63 per hour, his contract should not have excluded overtime pay. A number
> of contractors in the state are presently violating the law here in Colorado.
> If this is the situation with you in your contract, please get in touch with
> me immediately.
> In addition to helping our existing members secure the overtime pay that they
> are entitled to, our union intends to use this as an organizing issue in the
> state. Any and all leads you can refer to me in this regard would help the
> hourly paid individuals involved and our union. Please refer all leads to me
> at one of the contacts below.
> We are also targeting some specific companies in our organizing drive. These
> include U.S. West, Lucent, TCI, Storage Technology, IBM, Echostar, Tele Tech,
> QWest, Maxtor and Exabyte. If any of you have any dealings with these
> companies, please give me a call for a confidential discussion regarding these
> issues.
> Fraternally,
> Dennis DeMaio
> Co-Chair, At-Large Local
> E-Mail:
> 4110 Vrain St.
> Denver, CO 80212
> (303) 480-9268

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