Protest Exclusion of Labor Videographer from Korea
Source Steve Zeltzer
Date 99/11/13/17:28

Protest Exclusion Of Labor Videographer

On Friday November 12, 1999, Labor Video Producer and labor
journalist Steve Zeltzer was prevented from entering Korea. This exclusion
is a continuation of the use of the undemocratic Korean National Security
Unionist Zeltzer has actively supported the independent trade union
movement in Korea and other independent media activists. He was active in
building support for the rights of the Korean Confederation Of Trade
Unions (KCTU) to organize and helped build support against labor media
repression in Korea.
When he was stopped by Customs at the Kimpo Airport in Seoul, he
asked why he was being refused entry. Had he violated any laws or rules
in Korea? The Customs staff could not answer. He was being blocked from
attending an International LaborMedia Conference
which is being co-sponsored by the Korean Confederation of Trade Union
and many
international labor video/communication activists. Steve Zeltzer is a
co-founder of the Union Producers & Programmers Network(
and Labornet ( and has been active in the use of video,
for information and solidarity of US & world labor.
This exclusion is an attack on the rights of all working people to
have democratic communication and debate. It also prevents the Korean
working people from having the right to hear from labor communicators and
trade unionists around the world. President Kim Dae Jun promised when he
was elected,that he would end political repression and discrimination. Is
this the a continuation of the old policies?
It is time to demand that there be an end the blacklist of those
whose viewpoints the National Security Agency does not like.

Please send a letter of protest to
President Kim Dae Jun
The Blue House
Seoul, Korea

Also please get union union/organization to issue a statement of
protest to be sent Korean Consulates/Embassies and President Kim Dae Jun

Please copy to LaborMedia at

& The Labor Video Project at

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