Portland IWW Hotel Strike Needs Help
Source Porland IWW
Date 99/11/12/03:48

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Fellow Workers,

11 members of the Industrial Workers of the World's Hotel and Restaurant
Workers union are on an Unfair Labor Strike at the Portland landmark,
Mallory Hotel.

The 11 stopped work after Mallory owner, Albert Getner, arbitrarily fired a
cook who had called in sick. The 11 wobblies asked for a written grievance
procedure. Even though such activity is protected by the National Labor
Relations Act, Getner fired the 11 workers.

The IWW is asking for:

1. An end to unjust and arbitrary firings.
2. Establishment of a grievance procedure that includes employee
3. Immediate reinstatement of all eleven illegally fired workers.
4. Amnesty for all workers participating in or supporting the actions.

We are asking all union supporters to phone protests or cancel reservations to the Mallory Hotel between 4-6PM Pacific Time daily.
Phone 1 800 228 8657
Fax: 1 503 223 0522
(voice all concerns to General Manager, Linda Anderson, or owner, Albert Gentner. Please do not harrass workers, they are not scabs)

Visit the official strike page for updates on the boycott/protest.

Contact Mallory Workers by:
Phone: 503-650-7187

or by Mail:
PO Box 15005 Portland, OR 97293-5005

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