Pete Seeger - Historic Program, 11-12-99, NYC
Source Ray Korona
Date 99/11/09/12:39


On Friday, November 12, at 7pm, in New York City, Pete Seeger will be presenting his observations and insights about music in the history of struggle. As you can imagine, he has fascinating recollections and information about songs, events, movements and people you could find nowhere else.

The Ray Korona Band is honored to be sharing the stage to illustrate Pete Seeger's "lecture" with various songs and folk instruments in addition to Pete's banjo, of course. Then our group will offer some current topical songs of our own on labor and other issues. We'll be joined by musicians John Pietaro and Nicola. Vinie Burrows
will mc. Cake, since it's Pete's 80th birthday year, will also be served to all.

It happens at Martin Luther King, Jr. Labor Center, 310 W 43rd St, NYC. For details call NY Committees of Correspondence 212-229-2388.
$10 advance; $12 door.

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