Louis Proyect on Democratic Party
Source Paul Zarembka
Date 19/08/17/02:45

On 8/8/19 8:44 AM, Zarembka, Paul wrote:
> If we adopt Louis’ sectarianism, we will get nowhere.

It is not sectarian to identify the Democratic Party as a deathtrap for radicals. Donald Trump has a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the first DP president in American history, on his wall in the Oval Office. This is a party that has been responsible for slavery, the dispossession of the Cherokees, the prosecution of an imperialist war against Mexico under James K. Polk--Andrew Jackson's protege, the overthrow of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, entry into WWI, invading the USSR, putting Japanese-Americans into concentration camps, dropping A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, using chemical and biological weapons in the Korean War, killing millions in Indochina, invading the Dominican Republic, and other crimes to numerous to mention. Bhaskar Sunkara is involved in a con job, getting young people to become active in the DP in order to do what? Lay the groundwork for socialism? Give me a fucking break.

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