A Progressive City Council Agenda
Source D. Ohmans
Date 19/04/08/00:34

From by Nathan J. Robinson

IS ANOTHER TYPE OF municipal progressivism possible? Yes, it is. You may not be able
to introduce Medicare For All as a small-city mayor (though some places are thinking
about local Green New Deals), but there’s a lot you can do to expand democracy. How
about these to start: Participatory budgeting. Citywide minimum wage. Municipal
public banks. Social work/case management access in local libraries. Enforcing
strict tenants’ rights. Lowering the voting age for city elections. Kicking out the
charter schools. High-quality public toilets and napping benches. Safe injection
sites and needle exchanges. Wage theft enforcement. Fighting state attempts to
privatize public assets. The right to counsel in immigration and housing court. A
co-op conversion fund to buy rentals and permanently convert them to affordable
co-ops. A community land trust. Free public daycare and universal pre-K. Usury
caps to keep aggressive lenders out of the city. Converting municipal utilities and
vehicles to renewable energy. Requiring community benefits agreements for new
developments. Diverting money from policing to mental health services and public
housing, and reducing use of armed police officers to solve social problems.

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