Summer bash moves to Riverwalk; funds aid Pueblo
Source D. Ohmans
Date 19/03/19/13:07
By Jon Pompia The Pueblo Chieftain

After a quarter-century as a summer institution, the Bash is moving down the street.

In an effort to revitalize and expand what is the primary fundraiser for Pueblo Crime Stoppers, the former B Street Bash has been relocated to the Confluence Plaza on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo.

Now known, appropriately, as the Bash on the Riverwalk, the event will feature a twin bill of bands on three consecutive Fridays in June.

The new-look Bash opens with Rock Night on June 14, featuring headliner and perennial favorite The Martini Shot, with the Denver-based Hornbuckles opening the show. June 21 is designated as Hispanic Music Night, with Severo Grupo Fuego, from New Mexico, supported by Pueblo’s Bad Habitz. On June 28′s Country Night, Mike Love Band, also of Denver, and Pueblo’s Triple Nickel will provide the entertainment.

Patrons will have the opportunity to experience the Bash as a concert event, with ample seating on the expansive grassy area to the southeast of the plaza, and as an opportunity to dance: on both the plaza and above on Alan Hamel Drive, which will be blocked off.

The relocation and expansion of the Bash was announced Monday from the Confluence Plaza.

“A lot of people don’t realize that the B Street Bash is a Crime Stoppers’ fundraising event,” said Chris McMahan, a board member. “This move is an attempt to try to expand the event, revitalize it. The money we make from it is used to pay (for) tips and for scholarships. We do so many things in the community with this money.

“And we want to invite people out to see the new event and the new acts we are bringing in.”

At its peak, a four-date B Street Bash series generated as much as $60,000. In recent years, though, the take has dropped to around $20,000, which McMahan said reflects the city’s growing summer entertainment options.

But with a new and larger locale, two bands per event and an expanded lineup of food and refreshments, the Crime Stoppers board is confident that the coffers will once again fill up, thereby supporting the effort of making the community a safer place.

“It’s a beautiful venue, but we were kind of restricted on what we could do on B Street,” McMahan said. “It’s a little limited for the growth that we are looking for.”

He did, however, offer a hearty thanks to the Koncilja family for their support through two-plus decades of B Street Bashes and use of the Union Avenue grounds, “as well as their continued support as we move to the Riverwalk.”

Tickets for each Bash, priced at $12, will be available at eventbrite and from the Brues Alehouse, as well as at the gate.
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