City Council candidates face questions
Source Janet Wilson
Date 15/10/11/23:30

JANET WILSON is a political newcomer. She helped found the Eastside Action Support Team and clashed with the city administration earlier this year when the group sponsored a Cinco de Mayo parade without getting city permits.

1. Police response

The police are short-staffed, therefore the calls are responded to in order of priority. I would look into why (and if) our city is short-staffed with regards to police, or are they being used for things that are not crime-related that could be better served by a security group (for parades and road closures).

2. Gang violence

In my opinion, we havenít enough for young people to do in this city, especially for ages 13-18, where kids are impressionable and prone to join gangs. Some youth join for a sense of belonging (family). We need youth centers designed to keep kids engaged (i.e. maker spaces, bike and amusement parks). Also, when unemployment and poverty levels are high, as it is in Pueblo, people look for easy money and drugs offer a way to provide quick cash.

3. Pueblo streets

I donít know why our streets are in such terrible shape. Taxes should be going to ensure our streets and common areas are maintained, but yet there seems to be no funding so Iíd have to review where the tax dollars are going now and whether our priorities are off.

4. Half-cent tax

The Pueblo Economic Development Corp. was given the responsibility to bring jobs to Pueblo. The people had a right to demand action for funding that was set aside for jobs and with close to $50 million last year it appeared that was not to be accomplished.

Perhaps the city could look at other means of attracting businesses (such as purchasing companies and have employee ownership programs).

5. Cleaning up property

We have a huge problem in this city with the number of blighted homes. In my opinion, it is a direct result of tax liens purchased that pay (many living outside the area/state) 10 percent to grab up.

Perhaps the city should put a covenant when tax liens are purchased, that whomever pays the tax liens be responsible for keeping the yards cleans and not allow boards on the doors and windows?

The city should also try to work with elderly who might need help with yard maintenance. There doesnít seem to be much help offered, only fines issued. Which doesnít fix the problem.

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