Re: What the Corbyn and Sanders campaigns represent
Source Robert Naiman
Date 15/09/17/00:31

IT'S WORTH noting, though, that Sanders is mobilizing a lot of people to do more than be mere "supporters." There is an attempt to turn volunteers into real organizers - people who organize events on their own; people who talk to people they don't know on their own and try to have "organizing conversations" with them, like a union organizer would; people who try to recruit, train, and supervise other volunteer organizers. They are really trying to create a "movement" that will last beyond the campaign and be pushed forward but not be dictatorially controlled by Sanders and his lieutenants. Whether and to what extent they will succeed is another question, but I think that they are trying is beyond dispute. One point that Sanders has hit over and over: in 2008, Obama mobilized this huge movement which if it kept going could have won much, much deeper change. But when he got elected, Obama pulled the plug, told everyone to sit back down, I've got this now, now it's an inside game, go back to watching TV. Sanders has said over and over: I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to tell people to sit back down. I'm going to tell them to keep going.

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