Picking a candidate
Source Jim A. Zarate
Date 15/09/13/23:43
Letter: Picking a candidate

AS A LIFELONG resident of the East Side and a Hispanic, I had resolved to never vote for a non-Hispanic to represent District 2. I believe it is time to change my view. It is time to elect the best person to represent the East Side regardless of sex, age or ethnic background.

I notice that there are some familiar names running for the District 2 seat, some of whom have held that seat before. I found it interesting that Mr. Atencio, Mr. Gurule, and Mr. Montoya live in Belmont and Mr. Latino lived in Belmont before moving to East River.

People who live in Belmont are geographically separated from the East Side, live in nice middle class homes and have police protection.

Why should they care what happens on the other side of the tracks? Why should they care about the failing infrastructure, the gang violence, the poverty, the lack of services and the risk of drive-by shootings?

I have never met Janet Wilson, but what I have learned about her has been impressive. She has done more for the East Side as a private citizen than all of the elected District 2 representatives combined. She lives on the East Side and has done great things with the East Side Action Support Team.

Ray Aguilera has shown what a motivated, competent representative can do for a constituency. If Wilson can continue her advocacy on the City Council, we will all be safer and the quality of life for the people on the East Side will improve.

Jim Zarate

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