It's the Saudis, Stupid!
Source Charles Brown
Date 14/09/05/16:43

by Dmitry Orlov
Club Orlov (August 26 2014)

[Just nine days after I pointed out that Obama's latest "humanitarian"
bombing puts American lives in danger, we have the video of the
journalist James Foley's beheading at the hands of Daash, aka Islamic
Caliphate, aka ISIS/ISIL. Well, that didn't take long! But there is
more to the story: what stands behind this event, and others, such as
9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Benghazi massacre and numerous
other acts of terror is none other than America's best friend, the
House of Saud. Here is a post by my friend Idris to explain this vital

THE RECENT RISE of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, along
with its bedfellow Jahbat Al-Nusra (JN) is being viewed with alarm
worldwide. It is the latest in a series of problems related to Islamic
extremism for which Al Qaeda is the poster child. From Somalia to
Yemen to Nigeria to the Levant to Afghanistan and Pakistan, to
Chechnya to Xinjiang, China and even raising its head among the
populations of western countries, both Muslim and non-Muslim are
facing the ravages of the Salafi/Takfiri Nexus of Jihad.

However, there has been a failure to focus on the primary cause of
these problems with their various manifestations worldwide. Saudi
Arabia, with able assistance from several of its Gulf neighbors (with
Qatar as the most prominent) has steadfastly promoted the rise of
Islamic extremism. The extreme behavior now being manifested is the
result of the extremist Wahhabi ideology that Saudi Arabia promotes
and the billions of dollars it has spent to influence the entire
Muslim world to adopt its extremist ideology or at least to remain
silent as its poison spreads, particularly among the youth.

Saudi Arabia has for decades given scholarships to universities in the
kingdom devoted to indoctrinating future Muslim leaders. It has funded
Masjids, schools and Islamic Centers which have promoted their vitriol
and which are usually staffed by graduates of their institutions. They
have thus prepared the ground for what we are seeing now, as young
Muslims from around the world flock to the Levant to wage Jihad under
the banner of the various groups that the Saudis have long nurtured.

The Saudis and their Gulf co-conspirators have not limited themselves
to promoting their hateful ideology. They have provided billions in
material support for Muslims worldwide willing to take extremist
action in accordance with Salafi/Takfiri principles. Any Muslim group
worldwide willing to take violent actions that accord with this
extreme Salafi/Takfiri worldview finds it easy to tap into the
Saudi/Arab Gulf international network to receive funding and other
forms of tangible support to launch their violent campaigns.

So next time you hear that Boko Haram or the Taliban or Abu Sayyaf or
ISIL or some other Al Qaeda type organization has perpetrated some
atrocity in the name of Islam ... be sure to thank the Saudis! Its not
that there are no just causes for which Muslims may feel compelled to
resort to violent resistance ... rather it is that Wahhabi ideology,
propelled by billions of Petrodollars, has perverted nearly every
corner of the Muslim world with its fanaticism.

The US, along with some its major allies, plays along with this
travesty for several reasons. Most prominently, billions of
Petrodollars recycled through their economies provide them with an
exorbitant economic advantage. Secondly, they enjoy the ability to use
crazy Jihadis against their enemies du jour. Want to push Russia out
of Afghanistan? Send in the Jihadis. Want to topple Assad? Send in the
Jihadis. Need to overthrow Gaddafi? Send in the Jihadis. Need to keep
Somalia from developing its 100 billion barrels of oil and bringing
down the price of oil to levels that would make US fracking
uneconomical? Send in the (Ash-Shabab) Jihadis. Need to prevent
Russian oil reaching the Caspian via Chechnya and Daghestan? Well you
get the idea.

First they spend years priming Muslim groups with the backward,
nihilistic Wahhabi ideology. Then, when frustration with their
inability to achieve success (as a result of their backward,
nihilistic ideology) makes these groups ready to take radical action,
in come the suppliers of cash, arms, training and logistic support to
make their dreams of Jihad a reality. Its a tried and tested formula
that will continue to work until people realize that ...

Its the Saudis, stupid!

Of course there are mischievous machinations on the part of imperial
and former colonial powers to subjugate the Muslim world and in
particular the hydrocarbon-rich Middle East. But both Muslims and
non-Muslims need to realize that none of what we are seeing today
would have been possible without the corrupting influence of Saudi and
Gulf Arab sponsored Wahhabism/Salafism/Takfirism. Muslims in
particular need to stop ignoring the dagger aimed at the heart of
their religion by these sponsors of fanaticism. They must stop
accepting their money, their books and their scholarships. It's all a
poison pill!

Nor should the disguise of modernity used by those like the Qataris,
who so strongly backed Morsi in Egypt, be allowed to hide their
nefarious behavior. They are simply Wahhabis in suits. Just a week
before Morsi was deposed, he publicly called on Egyptian youths to
join the Takfiri Jihad in Syria. Muslims need to reclaim their true
heritage from these usurpers.

On the other hand, Westerners should demand that their governments
stop playing with fire by employing Islamic "beserkers" to do their
dirty work. The blowback from their governments' complicity with the
Saudis has been extensive and includes highlights like 9/11, the
Chechen Boston Marathon bombing, the consulate killings in Benghazi
and the recent beheading of James Foley. Now with an entire well-armed
and richly funded state spanning the borders of Syria and Iraq at
their disposal and recruits flocking to their cause from all over the
world, we can expect even more poisonous fruit from this tree planted
and nourished by the Saudis and their helpers.

The first step to solving a problem is identifying its nature. Hence
the importance of understanding the essential role that Saudi Arabia
and its Gulf Arab allies have played in creating the world's number
one security problem. Thus far the Saudis, Qataris and their other
Gulf Arab allies have managed to obscure the centrality of their role
in spawning Al-Qaeda, ISIS/IS and their like. This needs to end!

Some people speculate that the ISIS/IS Frankenstein that they birthed
may yet consume the Saudi Kingdom itself, but that would be little
comfort to a world forced to deal with the furies that they have

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