Q & A on LaborNet
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Date 99/10/20/09:27

I posted a few questions and answers I've heard
from people on the old LaborNet page. Let me
know when the official statement from the
Steering Committee is ready to be posted and
I'll link to it right away.

If you can think of any immediate questions
that need to be answered let me know.

Here is what I have posted:


LaborNet Changes. LaborNet is no longer a
member network of IGC. As of October 1 1999
LaborNet is an independent network. LaborNet
is in the process of working with IGC's
technical department to move to our new home
at the address We will
link to the new address from this page when
the new site is operational.

Here are answers to some questions we have
received from LaborNet@IGC members:

Q. Will I be able to continue to use the email

A. Yes. As part of LaborNet's transition out of
IGC all current IGC and LaborNet members
who transferred to Mindspring will be able to
continue to use the domain name
for email.

Q. Now that LaborNet is no longer an IGC
network will I be able to continue to use the domain
name for my email?

A. If you transfered your account to Mindspring
during the transition you will be able to continue
to use the domain name for email.

Q. I didn't transfer to Mindspring, but I'm
still interested in reading LaborNet conferences on
IGC. Can I still get access to them?

A. Yes. You will have access to IGC conferences
until at least July of 2000. You need to
configure your news reader program to access
IGC's news server at, then use
your igc username and password to access the
conferences. (Contact if you
need further assistance).

Q. What will the new LaborNet look like?

A. The LaborNet Steering Committee is
interested in developing a network that is run
democratically by people in the labor
community. Our most immediate task is to get the new
site up and running. When our new site is up we
will seek a dialogue within our community to
decide how to proceed with further development
of the network.

The LaborNet Steering Committee is interested
in answering any questions you may have. The
Steering Committee is also interested in having
a full and open discussion about the
development of the LaborNet program. Keep your
eye on this space for updated information on
our transition. If you have specific questions
please mail

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