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Date 15/04/22/17:34
Patrick A. Lucero, East High School class of 1966, voluntarily joined the Army after graduation and spent much of 1967 in Vietnam as part of the 173rd Airborne Division. A former Eagle football player and wrestler, Lucero had nearly finished his yearlong combat tour when he was killed on March 14, 1968, in Ba Long Province.

Patrick A. Lucero Library-Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo City Council Public Comment-4/14/2014

My name is J. Doug Ohmans.
I have lived on the East side of Pueblo since 2005. I
will read my headings as well so you know where I am

pre-conceived decision
In my humble opinion, you have already made
your decision. Let us wait for tonight's results
to speak for themselves.

stacked committee
So who was on the committee. How was it chosen.
Jeff Chostner, current vice-president of the Pueblo Medal
of Honor Foundation and councilor Eva Montoya's
childhood friend; Ron Cerna, Eva's right-hand man;
Charlotte Macaluso, lifelong associate of ex-school teacher
Montoya; and Father Anthony Wojinski, priest at Saint
Leander's church, now making our government decisions.
Was there anyone who came in with a different idea.

fallacious arguments
Quote 37 nominations were submitted, 27 were for a
single man. No other individual received more than
one nomination.Unquote
If I had gone out and gotten Pueblo's 30 progressive
Democrats to endorse naming it my suggestion,
would that have been decisive. When we ten losers
made our suggestions, we did not think it was an
election, we thought it was a selection.

the other ten ideas
What were the other ten ideas. Seriously. Why
did you reject them. How convenient—sickening
really—that your committee was “tasked to
select someone who resides or resided in the
neighborhood.” Never heard that rule before.
When you hire a librarian whose cause was to
honor her friend with a library in Vietnam, could
she not perhaps leave the name of this one to us.
Is dying in war “symbolic of” ALL “the values
emblematic of Pueblo.”

a democratic process
A democratic process would be for the
committee to select three or four of the best
suggestions, hopefully of a diverse nature,
and have public feedback or even a vote.
Or reject this one and have the committee
try again.

My suggestion one of the ten
San Patricios Library: the San Patricios were the 19th century
Abraham Lincoln Brigade. They argued the U.S. land grab of
Texas, et cetera, right up to the Arkansas River—Pueblo's South
Side—was illegitimate, to put it mildly, fought for Mexico, and
paid with their lives, inspiring millions. Patrick Arnold Lucero
also paid with his life: what was his cause. He was from Pueblo.

General remarks
Your process has all the bells and whistles of a
railroad. Good night...thank you.

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