Moore and Marcuse
Source Michael Hoover
Date 99/10/14/00:21

> Didn't Moore co-author(co-edit?)a work with Marcuse and R.Paul Wolff
> *The Critique of Pure Tolerance*? Michael Hoover will know.

Not sure why you think I'd know above, but so happens that I do. Wolff
("Beyond Tolerance"), Moore ("Tolerance and the Scientific Outlook"),
and Marcuse ("Repressive Tolerance") each contribute one essay to _A
Critique of Pure Tolerance_ (1965). They collectively agree that
liberal *tolerance* hides political agendas and realities while they
disagree, particularly Moore and Marcuse, about role of intellectuals
in unmasking hypocrisy (perhaps revealing contradictions is better
phrase). Former maintains that they should seek truth (suggeting that
nothing is beyond investigation in manner that recalls Marx's comment in
letter to Ruge about ruthless critique of everything) sans commitment to
political action/ideas/project. Latter attacks those who refuse to take
a stand. Specifically, Marcuse calls for intolerance (I think term he
uses is 'discriminating tolerance') against status quo that promotes
violence, destruction, and misery.

Marcuse and Moore were friends, their relationship dated to WW2
when both worked as OSS analysts.

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