Re: Judge Challenges White House Claims on Authority in Drone Killings
Source Carrol Cox
Date 13/07/21/11:44

Some thoughts.

How many English died in the German bombing during the summer of 1940? Now
there was a real threat to national security, but the British more or less
took it in their stride.

How many Americans have died in Terrorist attacks, and add a reasonable
number who might have died had a couple failed attacks succeeded. I don't
think the number is great enough; I don't think even the total possible
number over a 10 year period, is any great deal. Terrorism really is no
threat at all that is worth giving attention to.

The _only_ point of the War on Terror is the destruction of bourgeois
liberty in the U.S. The War on Terror is _purely_ an attack on Americans by
their own government.

The word "fascism" is terribly misleading. What is happening in the U.S.,
is actually worse than "Fascism" and we don't have a decent word for it.


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